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Climate Map of India

Climate Map of India  
*This Map Showing Climate Map of India

In general, temperatures tend to be cooler in the north, especially between September and March. Winters in India are pleasant with plenty of sunny days. Most of north India remains dry, dusty and unpleasant during the summer months. The south is pleasant between November and January. Summers are unbearably hot in the plains. In June, winds and warm surface currents begin to move northward and westward, heading out of the Indian Ocean and into the Arabian Gulf. This creates a phenomenon known as the south west monsoon and brings heavy rains to the west coast. Between October and December, a similar climatic pattern called the north-east monsoon appears in the Bay of Bengal, bringing rain to east coasts. In addition to the two monsoons, there are two other seasons, spring and autumn.

Through the word “monsoon” often bring to mind images of torrential floods and landslides, the monsoon seasons are not bad times to come to India. Through its rains nearly every day, the downpour tends to come and go quickly.
For a tourist, India provides ample opportunities. You can explore India in all the seasons; through you will have to be selective about the destinations.

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