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Uttar Pradesh Map

Uttar Pradesh State Map
* Uttar Pradesh Map showing major roads, railways, rivers, state highway, national highways, eaports, district boundaries etc.



Formation Year:                                1805 (renamed in 1950)

Location:                                           Middle North India

Capital:                                                              Lucknow

Largest city:                                      Kanpur

Number of Districts:                       75

 Area:                                                 93,933 sq. miles (243,286 km2)

Area Rank:                                        4th

Population:                                      199,581,477  (2011)

Population Rank:                             1st

Density:                                             2,100/sq miles (820/km2)

Literacy:                                            67.68%

Official Languages:                         Hindi, English, Urdu

Religions:                                          Hindu, Islam

Spread in more than 93,933 sq miles, Uttar Pradesh is located in the middle-north region of India. It shares international boundary with Nepal in the north; and, it shares state boundary with Bihar in the east, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh in the south-east, Madhya Pradesh in the south, Rajasthan in the west, Uttarakhand in the north, Haryana and Delhi in the north-west. Though, Kanpur is the largest city, but Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh.


State Animal:                                  Barasingha

State Bird:                                        Sarus Crane

State Tree:                                       Ashoka

State Flower:                                   Palash

With of about 200 million populations, Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state of India. In addition, it is world’s most populous country subdivision. Country’s two most important rivers i.e. the Ganga and Yamuna flow through the state. Yamuna joins Ganga at Allahabad and then flows as the Ganga east towards. Gangetic plain covers throughout the state; because of this land is very much fertile and agriculture is the significant occupation of majority of the people in the state. Besides, industries and services have also significant contribution in the state’s economy. Uttar Pradesh is at the heart of India and hence, it is also popular as ‘The Heartland of India.’
Historically, Uttar Pradesh was home of several powerful dynasties starting from ancient (Magadha, Nanda, Mauryan, Sunga, Kushan, Gupta, Gurjara, Rashtrakuta, Pala) to Medieval (Mughal). Uttar Pradesh is popular for its rich culture and historic tradition. Popular ‘Kathak,’ is one of the eight forms of Indian classical dances, originated from Uttar Pradesh. Cuisines of Uttar Pradesh like Awadhi cuisine, Mughlai cuisine, Kumauni cuisine are popular not only in India but also at many places of the world. Besides, the state has various historical, religious, and natural places, which are also popular among the national and international tourists. Interestingly, the religious place Ayodhya is the birth place of Lord Rama and Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna.

 Uttar Pradesh District Map
Uttar Pradesh District Map Farrukhabad District Map Mainpuri District Map
Agra District Map Fatehpur District Map Mathura District Map
Aligarh District Map Firozabad District Map Mau District Map
Allahabad District Map Gautam Buddha Nagar District Map Meerut District Map
Ambedkar Nagar District Map Ghaziabad District Map Mirzapur District Map
Auraiya District Map Ghazipur District Map Moradabad District Map
Azamgarh District Map Gonda District Map Muzaffarnagar District Map
Badaun District Map Gorakhpur District Map Pilibhit District Map
Bagpat District Map Hamirpur District Map Pratapgarh District Map
Bahraich District Map Hardoi District Map Raebareli District Map
Ballia District Map Jalaun District Map Rampur District Map
Balrampur District Map Jaunpur District Map Saharanpur District Map
Banda District Map Jhansi District Map Sant Kabir Nagar District Map
Barabanki District Map Jyotiba Phule Nagar District Map Sant Ravidas Nagar District Map
Bareilly District Map Kannauj District Map Shahjahanpur District Map
Basti District Map Kanpur Dehat District Map Shrawasti District Map
Bijnor District Map Kanpur Nagar District Map Siddharth Nagar District Map
Bulandshahr District Map Kaushambi District Map Sitapur District Map
Chandauli District Map Kushinagar District Map Sonbhadra District Map
Chitrakoot District Map Lakhimpur Kheri District Map Sultanpur District Map
Deoria District Map Lalitpur District Map Unnao District Map
Etah District Map Lucknow District Map Varanasi District Map
Etawah District Map Mahamaya Nagar District Map    
Faizabad District Map Maharajganj District Map    
 Uttar Pradesh Road Map
Uttar Pradesh Road Map Farrukhabad Road Map Mainpuri Road Map
Agra Road Map Fatehpur Road Map Mathura Road Map
Aligarh Road Map Firozabad Road Map Mau Road Map
Allahabad Road Map Gautam Buddha Nagar Road Map Meerut Road Map
Ambedkar Nagar Road Map Ghaziabad Road Map Mirzapur Road Map
Auraiya Road Map Ghazipur Road Map Moradabad Road Map
Azamgarh Road Map Gonda Road Map Muzaffarnagar Road Map
Badaun Road Map Gorakhpur Road Map Pilibhit Road Map
Bagpat Road Map Hamirpur Road Map Pratapgarh Road Map
Bahraich Road Map Hardoi Road Map Raebareli Road Map
Ballia Road Map Jalaun Road Map Rampur Road Map
Balrampur Road Map Jaunpur Road Map Saharanpur Road Map
Banda Road Map Jhansi Road Map Sant Kabir Nagar Road Map
Barabanki Road Map Jyotiba Phule Nagar Road Map Sant Ravidas Nagar Road Map
Bareilly Road Map Kannauj Road Map Shahjahanpur Road Map
Basti Road Map Kanpur Dehat Road Map Shrawasti Road Map
Bijnor Road Map Kanpur Nagar Road Map Siddharth Nagar Road Map
Bulandshahr Road Map Kaushambi Road Map Sitapur Road Map
Chandauli Road Map Kushinagar Road Map Sonbhadra Road Map
Chitrakoot Road Map Lakhimpur Kheri Road Map Sultanpur Road Map
Deoria Road Map Lalitpur Road Map Unnao Road Map
Etah Road Map Lucknow Road Map Varanasi Road Map
Etawah Road Map Mahamaya Nagar Road Map    
Faizabad Road Map Maharajganj Road Map    
 Uttar Pradesh Thematic Map
Uttar Pradesh Political Map Uttar Pradesh Forest Map    
Uttar Pradesh Physical Map Uttar Pradesh Mineral Map    
 Uttar Pradesh Outline Map
Uttar Pradesh Outline Map Farrukhabad Outline Map Mainpuri Outline Map
Agra Outline Map Fatehpur Outline Map Mathura Outline Map
Aligarh Outline Map Firozabad Outline Map Mau Outline Map
Allahabad Outline Map Gautam Buddha Nagar Outline Map Meerut Outline Map
Ambedkar Nagar Outline Map Ghaziabad Outline Map Mirzapur Outline Map
Auraiya Outline Map Ghazipur Outline Map Moradabad Outline Map
Azamgarh Outline Map Gonda Outline Map Muzaffarnagar Outline Map
Badaun Outline Map Gorakhpur Outline Map Pilibhit Outline Map
Bagpat Outline Map Hamirpur Outline Map Pratapgarh Outline Map
Bahraich Outline Map Hardoi Outline Map Raebareli Outline Map
Ballia Outline Map Jalaun Outline Map Rampur Outline Map
Balrampur Outline Map Jaunpur Outline Map Saharanpur Outline Map
Banda Outline Map Jhansi Outline Map Sant Kabir Nagar Outline Map
Barabanki Outline Map Jyotiba Phule Nagar Outline Map Sant Ravidas Nagar Outline Map
Bareilly Outline Map Kannauj Outline Map Shahjahanpur Outline Map
Basti Outline Map Kanpur Dehat Outline Map Shrawasti Outline Map
Bijnor Outline Map Kanpur Nagar Outline Map Siddharth Nagar Outline Map
Bulandshahr Outline Map Kaushambi Outline Map Sitapur Outline Map
Chandauli Outline Map Kushinagar Outline Map Sonbhadra Outline Map
Chitrakoot Outline Map Lakhimpur Kheri Outline Map Sultanpur Outline Map
Deoria Outline Map Lalitpur Outline Map Unnao Outline Map
Etah Outline Map Lucknow Outline Map Varanasi Outline Map
Etawah Outline Map Mahamaya Nagar Outline Map    
Faizabad Outline Map Maharajganj Outline Map    
 Uttar Pradesh Location Map
Uttar Pradesh Location Map Farrukhabad Location Map Mainpuri Location Map
Agra Location Map Fatehpur Location Map Mathura Location Map
Aligarh Location Map Firozabad Location Map Mau Location Map
Allahabad Location Map Gautam Buddha Nagar Location Map Meerut Location Map
Ambedkar Nagar Location Map Ghaziabad Location Map Mirzapur Location Map
Auraiya Location Map Ghazipur Location Map Moradabad Location Map
Azamgarh Location Map Gonda Location Map Muzaffarnagar Location Map
Badaun Location Map Gorakhpur Location Map Pilibhit Location Map
Bagpat Location Map Hamirpur Location Map Pratapgarh Location Map
Bahraich Location Map Hardoi Location Map Raebareli Location Map
Ballia Location Map Jalaun Location Map Rampur Location Map
Balrampur Location Map Jaunpur Location Map Saharanpur Location Map
Banda Location Map Jhansi Location Map Sant Kabir Nagar Location Map
Barabanki Location Map Jyotiba Phule Nagar Location Map Sant Ravidas Nagar Location Map
Bareilly Location Map Kannauj Location Map Shahjahanpur Location Map
Basti Location Map Kanpur Dehat Location Map Shrawasti Location Map
Bijnor Location Map Kanpur Nagar Location Map Siddharth Nagar Location Map
Bulandshahr Location Map Kaushambi Location Map Sitapur Location Map
Chandauli Location Map Kushinagar Location Map Sonbhadra Location Map
Chitrakoot Location Map Lakhimpur Kheri Location Map Sultanpur Location Map
Deoria Location Map Lalitpur Location Map Unnao Location Map
Etah Location Map Lucknow Location Map Varanasi Location Map
Etawah Location Map Mahamaya Nagar Location Map    
Faizabad Location Map Maharajganj Location Map    
 Uttar Pradesh Railway Map
Uttar Pradesh Railway Map Farrukhabad Railway Map Mainpuri Railway Map
Agra Railway Map Fatehpur Railway Map Mathura Railway Map
Aligarh Railway Map Firozabad Railway Map Mau Railway Map
Allahabad Railway Map Gautam Buddha Nagar Railway Map Meerut Railway Map
Ambedkar Nagar Railway Map Ghaziabad Railway Map Mirzapur Railway Map
Auraiya Railway Map Ghazipur Railway Map Moradabad Railway Map
Azamgarh Railway Map Gonda Railway Map Muzaffarnagar Railway Map
Badaun Railway Map Gorakhpur Railway Map Pilibhit Railway Map
Bagpat Railway Map Hamirpur Railway Map Pratapgarh Railway Map
Bahraich Railway Map Hardoi Railway Map Raebareli Railway Map
Ballia Railway Map Jalaun Railway Map Rampur Railway Map
Balrampur Railway Map Jaunpur Railway Map Saharanpur Railway Map
Banda Railway Map Jhansi Railway Map Sant Kabir Nagar Railway Map
Barabanki Railway Map Jyotiba Phule Nagar Railway Map Sant Ravidas Nagar Railway Map
Bareilly Railway Map Kannauj Railway Map Shahjahanpur Railway Map
Basti Railway Map Kanpur Dehat Railway Map Shrawasti Railway Map
Bijnor Railway Map Kanpur Nagar Railway Map Siddharth Nagar Railway Map
Bulandshahr Railway Map Kaushambi Railway Map Sitapur Railway Map
Chandauli Railway Map Kushinagar Railway Map Sonbhadra Railway Map
Chitrakoot Railway Map Lakhimpur Kheri Railway Map Sultanpur Railway Map
Deoria Railway Map Lalitpur Railway Map Unnao Railway Map
Etah Railway Map Lucknow Railway Map Varanasi Railway Map
Etawah Railway Map Mahamaya Nagar Railway Map    
Faizabad Railway Map Maharajganj Railway Map    
 Uttar Pradesh River Map
Uttar Pradesh River Map Farrukhabad River Map Mainpuri River Map
Agra River Map Fatehpur River Map Mathura River Map
Aligarh River Map Firozabad River Map Mau River Map
Allahabad River Map Gautam Buddha Nagar River Map Meerut River Map
Ambedkar Nagar River Map Ghaziabad River Map Mirzapur River Map
Auraiya River Map Ghazipur River Map Moradabad River Map
Azamgarh River Map Gonda River Map Muzaffarnagar River Map
Badaun River Map Gorakhpur River Map Pilibhit River Map
Bagpat River Map Hamirpur River Map Pratapgarh River Map
Bahraich River Map Hardoi River Map Raebareli River Map
Ballia River Map Jalaun River Map Rampur River Map
Balrampur River Map Jaunpur River Map Saharanpur River Map
Banda River Map Jhansi River Map Sant Kabir Nagar River Map
Barabanki River Map Jyotiba Phule Nagar River Map Sant Ravidas Nagar River Map
Bareilly River Map Kannauj River Map Shahjahanpur River Map
Basti River Map Kanpur Dehat River Map Shrawasti River Map
Bijnor River Map Kanpur Nagar River Map Siddharth Nagar River Map
Bulandshahr River Map Kaushambi River Map Sitapur River Map
Chandauli River Map Kushinagar River Map Sonbhadra River Map
Chitrakoot River Map Lakhimpur Kheri River Map Sultanpur River Map
Deoria River Map Lalitpur River Map Unnao River Map
Etah River Map Lucknow River Map Varanasi River Map
Etawah River Map Mahamaya Nagar River Map    
Faizabad River Map Maharajganj River Map    
 Uttar Pradesh Blank Map
Uttar Pradesh Blank Map Farrukhabad Blank Map Mainpuri Blank Map
Agra Blank Map Fatehpur Blank Map Mathura Blank Map
Aligarh Blank Map Firozabad Blank Map Mau Blank Map
Allahabad Blank Map Gautam Buddha Nagar Blank Map Meerut Blank Map
Ambedkar Nagar Blank Map Ghaziabad Blank Map Mirzapur Blank Map
Auraiya Blank Map Ghazipur Blank Map Moradabad Blank Map
Azamgarh Blank Map Gonda Blank Map Muzaffarnagar Blank Map
Badaun Blank Map Gorakhpur Blank Map Pilibhit Blank Map
Bagpat Blank Map Hamirpur Blank Map Pratapgarh Blank Map
Bahraich Blank Map Hardoi Blank Map Raebareli Blank Map
Ballia Blank Map Jalaun Blank Map Rampur Blank Map
Balrampur Blank Map Jaunpur Blank Map Saharanpur Blank Map
Banda Blank Map Jhansi Blank Map Sant Kabir Nagar Blank Map
Barabanki Blank Map Jyotiba Phule Nagar Blank Map Sant Ravidas Nagar Blank Map
Bareilly Blank Map Kannauj Blank Map Shahjahanpur Blank Map
Basti Blank Map Kanpur Dehat Blank Map Shrawasti Blank Map
Bijnor Blank Map Kanpur Nagar Blank Map Siddharth Nagar Blank Map
Bulandshahr Blank Map Kaushambi Blank Map Sitapur Blank Map
Chandauli Blank Map Kushinagar Blank Map Sonbhadra Blank Map
Chitrakoot Blank Map Lakhimpur Kheri Blank Map Sultanpur Blank Map
Deoria Blank Map Lalitpur Blank Map Unnao Blank Map
Etah Blank Map Lucknow Blank Map Varanasi Blank Map
Etawah Blank Map Mahamaya Nagar Blank Map    
Faizabad Blank Map Maharajganj Blank Map    
 Uttar Pradesh National Highway Map
Uttar Pradesh National Highway Map Farrukhabad National Highway Map Mainpuri National Highway Map
Agra National Highway Map Fatehpur National Highway Map Mathura National Highway Map
Aligarh National Highway Map Firozabad National Highway Map Mau National Highway Map
Allahabad National Highway Map Gautam Buddha Nagar National Highway Map Meerut National Highway Map
Ambedkar Nagar National Highway Map Ghaziabad National Highway Map Mirzapur National Highway Map
Auraiya National Highway Map Ghazipur National Highway Map Moradabad National Highway Map
Azamgarh National Highway Map Gonda National Highway Map Muzaffarnagar National Highway Map
Badaun National Highway Map Gorakhpur National Highway Map Pilibhit National Highway Map
Bagpat National Highway Map Hamirpur National Highway Map Pratapgarh National Highway Map
Bahraich National Highway Map Hardoi National Highway Map Raebareli National Highway Map
Ballia National Highway Map Jalaun National Highway Map Rampur National Highway Map
Balrampur National Highway Map Jaunpur National Highway Map Saharanpur National Highway Map
Banda National Highway Map Jhansi National Highway Map Sant Kabir Nagar National Highway Map
Barabanki National Highway Map Jyotiba Phule Nagar National Highway Map Sant Ravidas Nagar National Highway Map
Bareilly National Highway Map Kannauj National Highway Map Shahjahanpur National Highway Map
Basti National Highway Map Kanpur Dehat National Highway Map Shrawasti National Highway Map
Bijnor National Highway Map Kanpur Nagar National Highway Map Siddharth Nagar National Highway Map
Bulandshahr National Highway Map Kaushambi National Highway Map Sitapur National Highway Map
Chandauli National Highway Map Kushinagar National Highway Map Sonbhadra National Highway Map
Chitrakoot National Highway Map Lakhimpur Kheri National Highway Map Sultanpur National Highway Map
Deoria National Highway Map Lalitpur National Highway Map Unnao National Highway Map
Etah National Highway Map Lucknow National Highway Map Varanasi National Highway Map
Etawah National Highway Map Mahamaya Nagar National Highway Map    
Faizabad National Highway Map Maharajganj National Highway Map    
 Uttar Pradesh Tourist Map
Uttar Pradesh Tourist Map Farrukhabad Tourist Map Mainpuri Tourist Map
Agra Tourist Map Fatehpur Tourist Map Mathura Tourist Map
Aligarh Tourist Map Firozabad Tourist Map Mau Tourist Map
Allahabad Tourist Map Gautam Buddha Nagar Tourist Map Meerut Tourist Map
Ambedkar Nagar Tourist Map Ghaziabad Tourist Map Mirzapur Tourist Map
Auraiya Tourist Map Ghazipur Tourist Map Moradabad Tourist Map
Azamgarh Tourist Map Gonda Tourist Map Muzaffarnagar Tourist Map
Badaun Tourist Map Gorakhpur Tourist Map Pilibhit Tourist Map
Bagpat Tourist Map Hamirpur Tourist Map Pratapgarh Tourist Map
Bahraich Tourist Map Hardoi Tourist Map Raebareli Tourist Map
Ballia Tourist Map Jalaun Tourist Map Rampur Tourist Map
Balrampur Tourist Map Jaunpur Tourist Map Saharanpur Tourist Map
Banda Tourist Map Jhansi Tourist Map Sant Kabir Nagar Tourist Map
Barabanki Tourist Map Jyotiba Phule Nagar Tourist Map Sant Ravidas Nagar Tourist Map
Bareilly Tourist Map Kannauj Tourist Map Shahjahanpur Tourist Map
Basti Tourist Map Kanpur Dehat Tourist Map Shrawasti Tourist Map
Bijnor Tourist Map Kanpur Nagar Tourist Map Siddharth Nagar Tourist Map
Bulandshahr Tourist Map Kaushambi Tourist Map Sitapur Tourist Map
Chandauli Tourist Map Kushinagar Tourist Map Sonbhadra Tourist Map
Chitrakoot Tourist Map Lakhimpur Kheri Tourist Map Sultanpur Tourist Map
Deoria Tourist Map Lalitpur Tourist Map Unnao Tourist Map
Etah Tourist Map Lucknow Tourist Map Varanasi Tourist Map
Etawah Tourist Map Mahamaya Nagar Tourist Map    
Faizabad Tourist Map Maharajganj Tourist Map