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Tamil Nadu Map

Tamil Nadu State Map
* Tamil Nadu Map showing major roads, railways, rivers, state highway, national highways, seaports, district boundaries etc.



Formation Year:             January 26, 1950

Location:                              South India

Capital:                                  Chennai

Largest city:                          Chennai

Number of Districts:           32

 Area:                                     130,060 sq. km.

Population:                           72,147,030

Sex Ratio:                               996

Density:                                 555/sq. km.

Literacy:                                 80.09%

Official Languages:               Tamil

Religions:                                Hindu

Spread in 130,060 sq. km. Tamil Nadu is southernmost state of Indian peninsula. It shares its boundary with Kerala in the west, Karnataka in the north-west and Andhra Pradesh in north; however, it makes coastline in the east with Bay of Bengal and with Indian Ocean in the south. Further, it is bounded by the Eastern Ghats on the north, by the Bay of Bengal in the east, by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait on the southeast, by the Indian Ocean on the south, and by the Nilgiri, the Anamalai Hills, and Kerala on the west.

The state climate range from sub-humid to semi-arid climate; accordingly, it has various distinct flora and fauna. Tamil Nadu is also known for its rich natural resources and traditions. Tamil literature, classical music, classical dance, Hindu temples of Dravidian architecture, hill stations, beach resorts, multi-religious pilgrimage sites, and eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites are the significant and symbol of prosperity of the state. Bharatanatyam dance, Tanjore painting, and Tamil architecture are also worldwide popular.

Interestingly, as per its prehistoric evidence, Tamil Nadu is one of the oldest as well as longest continuous human habitation sites in India. There are many archaeological sites including Adichanallur etc evidenced in the state. Ancient history of Tamil Nadu is recognized as ‘Sangam Period,’ which was started during the 300 BCE and ended during the 300 CE. In this period, there were three major dynasties namely Chera, Chola, and Pandya who ruled Tamil Nadu and Kerala. These dynasties had built many distinct structures, many of them became the heritage sites of present India. During the 17th century, first Dutch and then British occupied the region. After the independence, some of the south regions including part of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka, and Kerala collectively constituted as Madras state. But after a few years, the state is re-organized and separate states formed; resultantly, Tamil Nadu became independent state


State Animal:                                 Nilgiri Tahr

State Bird:                                        Emerald Dove

State Tree:                                       Palm Tree

State Flower:                                   Gloriosa Lily


 Tamil Nadu District Map
Tamil Nadu District Map Ariyalur District Map Chennai District Map
Coimbatore District Map Cuddalore District Map Dharmapuri District Map
Dindigul District Map Erode District Map Kanchipuram District Map
Kanniyakumari District Map Karur District Map Krishnagiri District Map
Madurai District Map Nagapattinam District Map Namakkal District Map
Nilgiris District Map Perambalur District Map Pudukkottai District Map
Ramanathapuram District Map Salem District Map Sivaganga District Map
Thanjavur District Map Theni District Map Thiruvallur District Map
Thiruvarur District Map Thoothukudi District Map Tiruchirappalli District Map
Tirunelveli District Map Tiruppur District Map Tiruvannamalai District Map
Vellore District Map Villupuram District Map Virudhunagar District Map
 Tamil Nadu Road Map
Tamil Nadu Road Map Ariyalur Road Map Chennai Road Map
Coimbatore Road Map Cuddalore Road Map Dharmapuri Road Map
Dindigul Road Map Erode Road Map Kanchipuram Road Map
Kanniyakumari Road Map Karur Road Map Krishnagiri Road Map
Madurai Road Map Nagapattinam Road Map Namakkal Road Map
Nilgiris Road Map Perambalur Road Map Pudukkottai Road Map
Ramanathapuram Road Map Salem Road Map Sivaganga Road Map
Thanjavur Road Map Theni Road Map Thiruvallur Road Map
Thiruvarur Road Map Thoothukudi Road Map Tiruchirappalli Road Map
Tirunelveli Road Map Tiruppur Road Map Tiruvannamalai Road Map
Vellore Road Map Villupuram Road Map Virudhunagar Road Map
 Tamil Nadu Thematic Map
Tamil Nadu Political Map Tamil Nadu Forest Map    
Tamil Nadu Physical Map Tamil Nadu Mineral Map    
 Tamil Nadu Outline Map
Tamil Nadu Outline Map Ariyalur Outline Map Chennai Outline Map
Coimbatore Outline Map Cuddalore Outline Map Dharmapuri Outline Map
Dindigul Outline Map Erode Outline Map Kanchipuram Outline Map
Kanniyakumari Outline Map Karur Outline Map Krishnagiri Outline Map
Madurai Outline Map Nagapattinam Outline Map Namakkal Outline Map
Nilgiris Outline Map Perambalur Outline Map Pudukkottai Outline Map
Ramanathapuram Outline Map Salem Outline Map Sivaganga Outline Map
Thanjavur Outline Map Theni Outline Map Thiruvallur Outline Map
Thiruvarur Outline Map Thoothukudi Outline Map Tiruchirappalli Outline Map
Tirunelveli Outline Map Tiruppur Outline Map Tiruvannamalai Outline Map
Vellore Outline Map Villupuram Outline Map Virudhunagar Outline Map
 Tamil Nadu Blank Map
Tamil Nadu Outline Map Ariyalur Blank Map Chennai Blank Map
Coimbatore Blank Map Cuddalore Blank Map Dharmapuri Blank Map
Dindigul Blank Map Erode Blank Map Kanchipuram Blank Map
Kanniyakumari Blank Map Karur Blank Map Krishnagiri Blank Map
Madurai Blank Map Nagapattinam Blank Map Namakkal Blank Map
Nilgiris Blank Map Perambalur Blank Map Pudukkottai Blank Map
Ramanathapuram Blank Map Salem Blank Map Sivaganga Blank Map
Thanjavur Blank Map Theni Blank Map Thiruvallur Blank Map
Thiruvarur Blank Map Thoothukudi Blank Map Tiruchirappalli Blank Map
Tirunelveli Blank Map Tiruppur Blank Map Tiruvannamalai Blank Map
Vellore Blank Map Villupuram Blank Map Virudhunagar Blank Map
 Tamil Nadu Location Map
Tamil Nadu Location Map Ariyalur Location Map Chennai Location Map
Coimbatore Location Map Cuddalore Location Map Dharmapuri Location Map
Dindigul Location Map Erode Location Map Kanchipuram Location Map
Kanniyakumari Location Map Karur Location Map Krishnagiri Location Map
Madurai Location Map Nagapattinam Location Map Namakkal Location Map
Nilgiris Location Map Perambalur Location Map Pudukkottai Location Map
Ramanathapuram Location Map Salem Location Map Sivaganga Location Map
Thanjavur Location Map Theni Location Map Thiruvallur Location Map
Thiruvarur Location Map Thoothukudi Location Map Tiruchirappalli Location Map
Tirunelveli Location Map Tiruppur Location Map Tiruvannamalai Location Map
Vellore Location Map Villupuram Location Map Virudhunagar Location Map
 Tamil Nadu Railway Map
Tamil Nadu Railway Map Ariyalur Railway Map Chennai Railway Map
Coimbatore Railway Map Cuddalore Railway Map Dharmapuri Railway Map
Dindigul Railway Map Erode Railway Map Kanchipuram Railway Map
Kanniyakumari Railway Map Karur Railway Map Krishnagiri Railway Map
Madurai Railway Map Nagapattinam Railway Map Namakkal Railway Map
Nilgiris Railway Map Perambalur Railway Map Pudukkottai Railway Map
Ramanathapuram Railway Map Salem Railway Map Sivaganga Railway Map
Thanjavur Railway Map Theni Railway Map Thiruvallur Railway Map
Thiruvarur Railway Map Thoothukudi Railway Map Tiruchirappalli Railway Map
Tirunelveli Railway Map Tiruppur Railway Map Tiruvannamalai Railway Map
Vellore Railway Map Villupuram Railway Map Virudhunagar Railway Map
 Tamil Nadu Tourist Map
Tamil Nadu Tourist Map Ariyalur Tourist Map Chennai Tourist Map
Coimbatore Tourist Map Cuddalore Tourist Map Dharmapuri Tourist Map
Dindigul Tourist Map Erode Tourist Map Kanchipuram Tourist Map
Kanniyakumari Tourist Map Karur Tourist Map Krishnagiri Tourist Map
Madurai Tourist Map Nagapattinam Tourist Map Namakkal Tourist Map
Nilgiris Tourist Map Perambalur Tourist Map Pudukkottai Tourist Map
Ramanathapuram Tourist Map Salem Tourist Map Sivaganga Tourist Map
Thanjavur Tourist Map Theni Tourist Map Thiruvallur Tourist Map
Thiruvarur Tourist Map Thoothukudi Tourist Map Tiruchirappalli Tourist Map
Tirunelveli Tourist Map Tiruppur Tourist Map Tiruvannamalai Tourist Map
Vellore Tourist Map Villupuram Tourist Map Virudhunagar Tourist Map
 Tamil Nadu River Map
Tamil Nadu River Map Ariyalur River Map Chennai River Map
Coimbatore River Map Cuddalore River Map Dharmapuri River Map
Dindigul River Map Erode River Map Kanchipuram River Map
Kanniyakumari River Map Karur River Map Krishnagiri River Map
Madurai River Map Nagapattinam River Map Namakkal River Map
Nilgiris River Map Perambalur River Map Pudukkottai River Map
Ramanathapuram River Map Salem River Map Sivaganga River Map
Thanjavur River Map Theni River Map Thiruvallur River Map
Thiruvarur River Map Thoothukudi River Map Tiruchirappalli River Map
Tirunelveli River Map Tiruppur River Map Tiruvannamalai River Map
Vellore River Map Villupuram River Map Virudhunagar River Map
 Tamil Nadu National Highway Map
Tamil Nadu National Highway Map Ariyalur National Highway Map Chennai National Highway Map
Coimbatore National Highway Map Cuddalore National Highway Map Dharmapuri National Highway Map
Dindigul National Highway Map Erode National Highway Map Kanchipuram National Highway Map
Kanniyakumari National Highway Map Karur National Highway Map Krishnagiri National Highway Map
Madurai National Highway Map Nagapattinam National Highway Map Namakkal National Highway Map
Nilgiris National Highway Map Perambalur National Highway Map Pudukkottai National Highway Map
Ramanathapuram National Highway Map Salem National Highway Map Sivaganga National Highway Map
Thanjavur National Highway Map Theni National Highway Map Thiruvallur National Highway Map
Thiruvarur National Highway Map Thoothukudi National Highway Map Tiruchirappalli National Highway Map
Tirunelveli National Highway Map Tiruppur National Highway Map Tiruvannamalai National Highway Map
Vellore National Highway Map Villupuram National Highway Map Virudhunagar National Highway Map