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Sikkim Map

Sikkim State Map
*Sikkim Map showing major roads, railways, rivers, state highway, national highways, seaports, district boundaries etc.



Formation Year:                               May 16, 1975

Location:                                           North East

Capital:                                                Gangtok

Largest city:                                      Gangtok

Number of Districts:                       4

 Area:                                                 7,096 sq. km.

Population:                                      610,577

Sex Ratio:                                          890 F / 1000 M

Density:                                             86/sq. km.

Literacy:                                            81.42%

Official Languages:                         Nepali


State Animal:                               Red Panda

State Bird:                                    Blood Pheasant

State Tree:                                    Rhododendron

State Flower:                               Noble Orchid

Spread in 7,096 sq. km, Sikkim is a landlocked north-east state of India. It shares its international boundary with three countries i.e. Tibet (an autonomous region in China) in the north, Bhutan in the east, and Nepal in the west. And, it shares its state boundary with West Bengal in the south.
Sikkim is geographically diverse because of its location in the high altitude of eastern Himalayas. The climate ranges from subtropical to high alpine depending upon the altitude of respective region. Interestingly, the world's third-highest peak Kangchenjunga, is located on the border of Sikkim and Nepal. It has the only open land border between India and China.
Sikkim is the least populated state of India and in terms of area; it is second smallest state of India. In spite of having small population, state has 11 official languages. Teesta is the Major River of the state. The principal religions of the state are Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism. However, state’s economy is largely dependent upon agriculture and tourism.

  Sikkim District Map
Sikkim District Map East Sikkim District Map West Sikkim District Map
North Sikkim District Map South Sikkim District Map    
   Sikkim Road Map
Sikkim Road Map East Sikkim Road Map West Sikkim Road Map
North Sikkim Road Map South Sikkim Road Map    
   Sikkim Thematic Map
Sikkim Political Map Sikkim Forest Map    
Sikkim Physical Map Sikkim Mineral Map    
   Sikkim Outline Map
Sikkim Outline Map East Sikkim Outline Map West Sikkim Outline Map
North Sikkim Outline Map South Sikkim Outline Map    
   Sikkim Location Map
Sikkim Location Map East Sikkim Location Map West Sikkim Location Map
North Sikkim Location Map South Sikkim Location Map    
   Sikkim Railway Map
Sikkim Railway Map East Sikkim Railway Map West Sikkim Railway Map
North Sikkim Railway Map South Sikkim Railway Map    
   Sikkim River Map
Sikkim River Map East Sikkim River Map West Sikkim River Map
North Sikkim River Map South Sikkim River Map    
Sikkim Blank Map
Sikkim Blank Map East Sikkim Blank Map West Sikkim Blank Map
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Sikkim National Highway Map
Sikkim National Highway Map East Sikkim National Highway Map West Sikkim National Highway Map
North Sikkim National Highway Map South Sikkim National Highway Map    
Sikkim Tourist Map
Sikkim Tourist Map East Sikkim Tourist Map West Sikkim Tourist Map
North Tourist Map South Sikkim Tourist Map