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Orissa Map

Orissa State Map
*Orissa Map showing major roads, railways, rivers, state highway, national highways, seaports, district boundaries etc.



Formation Year:             May 30, 1987

Location:                               West India

Capital:                                  Panjim

Largest city:                          Vasco da Gama

Number of Districts:             2

 Area:                                       3702 sq km

Area Rank:                             29th

Population:                           1,458,545

Sex Ratio:                               973 F / 1000 M

Density:                                 394/km2

Literacy:                                88.70%

Official Languages:              Konkani

Spread in 155,707 sq. km, Odisha is located at the eastern coast of India. The state shares its boundary with Jharkhand to the north, West Bengal to the north-east, Chhattisgarh to the west, and Andhra Pradesh to the south and south-east; however, in the east, the state has coastline along the Bay of Bengal.Geographically, the state has distinct features; it is divided into various divisions; the Chotanagpur Plateau covers northern and western part, Eastern Ghats covers the eastern part, and further east it has a long coastline (‘Northern Cirkar) along the Bay of Bengal. The coastline also serves deep water port namely ‘Paradip.’ This sea port is center for the trade from the ancient time to till date. However, recently ‘Dhamra Port’ is also inaugurated. In addition, Mahanadi, Brahmani, and Baitarani are the major rivers of the state. These rivers make Odisha land fertile.

On the Odisha beachesa, there are a big number of Olive Ridley sea turtles and sea organisms. Because of availability of diversity of natural resources, there are various research centres including ‘Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI). CRRI is the largest rice research institute of Asia placed on the bank of Mahanadi in Cuttack. Located along the coastline of Bay of Bengal, Chilka Lake is home of various water creatures. Interestingly, it is one of the most popular tourists’ attractions in the state.


State Animal:                                 Sambar Deer

State Bird:                                        Blue Jay

State Tree:                                       Aswatha

State Flower:                                   Asoka

 Orissa District Map
Orissa District Map Angul District Map Boudh (Bauda) District Map
Bhadrak District Map Bolangir (Balangir) District Map Bargarh (Baragarh) District Map
Baleswar (Balasore) District Map Cuttack District Map Debagarh (Deogarh)
Dhenkanal District Map Ganjam District Map Gajapati District Map
Jharsuguda District Map Jajapur (Jajpur) District Map Jagatsinghpur District Map
Khordha District Map Kendujhar (Keonjhar) District Map Kalahandi District Map
Kandhamal District Map Koraput District Map Kendrapara District Map
Malkangiri District Map Mayurbhanj District Map Nabarangpur District Map
Nuapada District Map Nayagarh District Map Puri District Map
Rayagada District Map Sambalpur District Map Subarnapur (Sonepur) District Map
Sundargarh (Sundergarh) District Map        
 Orissa Road Map
Orissa Road Map Angul Road Map Boudh (Bauda) Road Map
Bhadrak Road Map Bolangir (Balangir) Road Map Bargarh (Baragarh) Road Map
Baleswar (Balasore) Road Map Cuttack Road Map Debagarh (Deogarh) Road Map
Dhenkanal Road Map Ganjam Road Map Gajapati Road Map
Jharsuguda Road Map Jajapur (Jajpur) Road Map Jagatsinghpur Road Map
Khordha Road Map Kendujhar (Keonjhar) Road Map Kalahandi Road Map
Kandhamal Road Map Koraput Road Map Kendrapara Road Map
Malkangiri Road Map Mayurbhanj Road Map Nabarangpur Road Map
Nuapada Road Map Nayagarh Road Map Puri Road Map
Rayagada Road Map Sambalpur Road Map Subarnapur (Sonepur) Road Map
Sundargarh (Sundergarh) Road Map        
 Orissa Thematic Map
Orissa Political Map Orissa Forest Map    
Orissa Physical Map Orissa Mineral Map    
 Orissa Outline Map
Orissa Outline Map Angul Outline Map Boudh (Bauda) Outline Map
Bhadrak Outline Map Bolangir (Balangir) Outline Map Bargarh (Baragarh) Outline Map
Baleswar (Balasore) Outline Map Cuttack Outline Map Debagarh (Deogarh) Outline Map
Dhenkanal Outline Map Ganjam Outline Map Gajapati Outline Map
Jharsuguda Outline Map Jajapur (Jajpur) Outline Map Jagatsinghpur Outline Map
Khordha Outline Map Kendujhar (Keonjhar) Outline Map Kalahandi Outline Map
Kandhamal Outline Map Koraput Outline Map Kendrapara Outline Map
Malkangiri Outline Map Mayurbhanj Outline Map Nabarangpur Outline Map
Nuapada Outline Map Nayagarh Outline Map Puri Outline Map
Rayagada Outline Map Sambalpur Outline Map Subarnapur (Sonepur) Outline Map
Sundargarh (Sundergarh) Outline Map        
 Orissa Railway Map
Orissa Railway Map Angul Railway Map Boudh (Bauda) Railway Map
Bhadrak Railway Map Bolangir (Balangir) Railway Map Bargarh (Baragarh) Railway Map
Baleswar (Balasore) Railway Map Cuttack Railway Map Debagarh (Deogarh) Railway Map
Dhenkanal Railway Map Ganjam Railway Map Gajapati Railway Map
Jharsuguda Railway Map Jajapur (Jajpur) Railway Map Jagatsinghpur Railway Map
Khordha Railway Map Kendujhar (Keonjhar) Railway Map Kalahandi Railway Map
Kandhamal Railway Map Koraput Railway Map Kendrapara Railway Map
Malkangiri Railway Map Mayurbhanj Railway Map Nabarangpur Railway Map
Nuapada Railway Map Nayagarh Railway Map Puri Railway Map
Rayagada Railway Map Sambalpur Railway Map Subarnapur (Sonepur) Railway Map
Sundargarh (Sundergarh) Railway Map        
 Orissa River Map  
Orissa River Map Angul River Map Boudh (Bauda) River Map
Bhadrak River Map Bolangir (Balangir) River Map Bargarh (Baragarh) River Map
Baleswar (Balasore) River Map Cuttack River Map Debagarh (Deogarh) River Map
Dhenkanal River Map Ganjam River Map Gajapati River Map
Jharsuguda River Map Jajapur (Jajpur) River Map Jagatsinghpur River Map
Khordha River Map Kendujhar (Keonjhar) River Map Kalahandi River Map
Kandhamal River Map Koraput River Map Kendrapara River Map
Malkangiri River Map Mayurbhanj River Map Nabarangpur River Map
Nuapada River Map Nayagarh River Map Puri River Map
Rayagada River Map Sambalpur River Map Subarnapur (Sonepur) River Map
Sundargarh (Sundergarh) River Map        
 Orissa Blank Map
Orissa Blank Map Angul Blank Map Boudh (Bauda) Blank Map
Bhadrak Blank Map Bolangir (Balangir) Blank Map Bargarh (Baragarh) Blank Map
Baleswar (Balasore) Blank Map Cuttack Blank Map Debagarh (Deogarh) Blank Map
Dhenkanal Blank Map Ganjam Blank Map Gajapati Blank Map
Jharsuguda Blank Map Jajapur (Jajpur) Blank Map Jagatsinghpur Blank Map
Khordha Blank Map Kendujhar (Keonjhar) Blank Map Kalahandi Blank Map
Kandhamal Blank Map Koraput Blank Map Kendrapara Blank Map
Malkangiri Blank Map Mayurbhanj Blank Map Nabarangpur Blank Map
Nuapada Blank Map Nayagarh Blank Map Puri Blank Map
Rayagada Blank Map Sambalpur Blank Map Subarnapur (Sonepur) Blank Map
 Orissa National Highway Map
Orissa National Highway Map Angul National Highway Map Boudh (Bauda) National Highway Map
Bhadrak National Highway Map Bolangir (Balangir) National Highway Map Bargarh (Baragarh) National Highway Map
Baleswar (Balasore) National Highway Map Cuttack National Highway Map Debagarh (Deogarh) National Highway Map
Dhenkanal National Highway Map Ganjam National Highway Map Gajapati National Highway Map
Jharsuguda National Highway Map Jajapur (Jajpur) National Highway Map Jagatsinghpur National Highway Map
Khordha National Highway Map Kendujhar (Keonjhar) National Highway Map Kalahandi National Highway Map
Kandhamal National Highway Map Koraput National Highway Map Kendrapara National Highway Map
Malkangiri National Highway Map Mayurbhanj National Highway Map Nabarangpur National Highway Map
Nuapada National Highway Map Nayagarh National Highway Map Puri National Highway Map
Rayagada National Highway Map Sambalpur National Highway Map Subarnapur (Sonepur) National Highway Map
Sundargarh (Sundergarh) National Highway Map        
 Orissa Location Map
Orissa Location Map Angul Location Map Boudh (Bauda) Location Map
Bhadrak Location Map Bolangir (Balangir) Location Map Bargarh (Baragarh) Location Map
Baleswar (Balasore) Location Map Cuttack Location Map Debagarh (Deogarh) Location Map
Dhenkanal Location Map Ganjam Location Map Gajapati Location Map
Jharsuguda Location Map Jajapur (Jajpur) Location Map Jagatsinghpur Location Map
Khordha Location Map Kendujhar (Keonjhar) Location Map Kalahandi Location Map
Kandhamal Location Map Koraput Location Map Kendrapara Location Map
Malkangiri Location Map Mayurbhanj Location Map Nabarangpur Location Map
Nuapada Location Map Nayagarh Location Map Puri Location Map
Rayagada Location Map Sambalpur Location Map Subarnapur (Sonepur) Location Map
Sundargarh (Sundergarh) Location Map        
 Orissa Tourist Map
Orissa Tourist Map Angul Tourist Map Boudh (Bauda) Tourist Map
Bhadrak Tourist Map Bolangir (Balangir) Tourist Map Bargarh (Baragarh) Tourist Map
Baleswar (Balasore) Tourist Map Cuttack Tourist Map Debagarh (Deogarh) Tourist Map
Dhenkanal Tourist Map Ganjam Tourist Map Gajapati Tourist Map
Jharsuguda Tourist Map Jajapur (Jajpur) Tourist Map Jagatsinghpur Tourist Map
Khordha Tourist Map Kendujhar (Keonjhar) Tourist Map Kalahandi Tourist Map
Kandhamal Tourist Map Koraput Tourist Map Kendrapara Tourist Map
Malkangiri Tourist Map Mayurbhanj Tourist Map Nabarangpur Tourist Map
Nuapada Tourist Map Nayagarh Tourist Map Puri Tourist Map
Rayagada Tourist Map Sambalpur Tourist Map Subarnapur (Sonepur) Tourist Map
Sundargarh (Sundergarh) Tourist Map