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Nagaland Tourist Map

* Map Showing the tourist attraction of Nagaland

Tourism in Nagaland

By virtue of its beautiful mountainous location and local and traditional culture, the state is a wonderful tourists’ destination. There are wide range of attractions in the state including, towns, villages, natural landscapes, local culture and tradition etc. Further, the ‘Hornbill Festival’ promoted by the Nagaland Government in 2000 is not only fascinating but also encouraging. It is commenced with the purpose to  encourage inter-tribal interactions. Since 2000, the Hornbill Festival is celebrated in the first week of December month of every year.

Major Tourists’ Attractions
  • Kohima: Kohima is the capital of the state and it has many tourists’ points including Kohima World War II Cemetery, Local Market, natural landscapes etc.
  • Dimapur: Also popular as ‘Gateway of Nagaland’, it is the largest city of the state. Major tourists’ attractions in the city are three tier waterfalls (located in Seithekima village), Ruzaphema Market (famous for local handicrafts), and the local tribal culture and traditions. The city has also an airport that serves the other regions as well.
  • Dzukou Valley: Located in a wonderful landscapes, Dzukou Valley is an important point in the state. Major attractions of this place are caves and rich flora and fauna including rhododendrons, orchids and many more. This place is also popular for the trekking.
  • State Museum: This museum has the collection of carved gateposts, status pillars and various lifestyles of Naga tribes. Besides, traditional jewellery is also an important items of the museum.
  • Tribal Tourism: Tribal tourism is also becoming popular in the state.
 Nagaland District Map
Nagaland District Map Dimapur District Map Kiphire District Map
Kohima District Map Longleng District Map Mokokchung District Map
Mon District Map Peren District Map Phek District Map
Tuensang District Map Wokha District Map Zunheboto District Map
 Nagaland Road Map
Nagaland Road Map Dimapur Road Map Kiphire Road Map
Kohima Road Map Longleng Road Map Mokokchung Road Map
Mon Road Map Peren Road Map Phek Road Map
Tuensang Road Map Wokha Road Map Zunheboto Road Map
 Nagaland Thematic Map
Nagaland Political Map Nagaland Forest Map    
Nagaland Physical Map Nagaland Mineral Map    
 Nagaland Outline Map
Nagaland Outline Map Dimapur Outline Map Kiphire Outline Map
Kohima Outline Map Longleng Outline Map Mokokchung Outline Map
Mon Outline Map Peren Outline Map Phek Outline Map
Tuensang Outline Map Wokha Outline Map Zunheboto Outline Map
 Nagaland Location Map
Nagaland Location Map Dimapur Location Map Kiphire Location Map
Kohima Location Map Longleng Location Map Mokokchung Location Map
Mon Location Map Peren Location Map Phek Location Map
Tuensang Location Map Wokha Location Map Zunheboto Location Map
 Nagaland Railway Map
Nagaland Railway Map Dimapur Railway Map Kiphire Railway Map
Kohima Railway Map Longleng Railway Map Mokokchung Railway Map
Mon Railway Map Peren Railway Map Phek Railway Map
Tuensang Railway Map Wokha Railway Map Zunheboto Railway Map
 Nagaland River Map
Nagaland River Map Dimapur River Map Kiphire River Map
Kohima River Map Longleng River Map Mokokchung River Map
Mon River Map Peren River Map Phek River Map
Tuensang River Map Wokha River Map Zunheboto River Map
 Nagaland Blank Map
Nagaland Blank Map Dimapur Blank Map Kiphire Blank Map
Kohima Blank Map Longleng Blank Map Mokokchung Blank Map
Mon Blank Map Peren Blank Map Phek Blank Map
Tuensang Blank Map Wokha Blank Map Zunheboto Blank Map
 Nagaland National Highway Map
Nagaland National Highway Map Dimapur National Highway Map Kiphire National Highway Map
Kohima National Highway Map Longleng National Highway Map Mokokchung National Highway Map
Mon National Highway Map Peren National Highway Map Phek National Highway Map
Tuensang National Highway Map Wokha National Highway Map Zunheboto National Hihgway Map
 Nagaland Tourist Map
Nagaland Tourist Map Dimapur Tourist Map Kiphire Tourist Map
Kohima Tourist Map Longleng Tourist Map Mokokchung Tourist Map
Mon Tourist Map Peren Tourist Map Phek Tourist Map
Tuensang Tourist Map Wokha Tourist Map Zunheboto Tourist Map