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Mizoram Map

Mizoram State Map  
* Mizoram Map showing major roads, railways, rivers, state highway, national highways, seaports, district boundaries etc. Disclaimer


Formation Year:                February 20, 1987

Location:                          North-east India

Capital:                              Aizawl

Largest city:                      Aizawl

Number of Districts:      8

 Area:                                 21,081 sq km

Area Rank:                         25

Population:                       1,097,206

Sex Ratio:                           976 F/1000 M

Density:                              52/km2

Literacy:                             91.33%

Official Languages:         Mizo

Mizoram is one of the north-east states of India. Aizawl is the capital and largest city of the state. As shown on the Mizoram Map, it shares its boundary with Assam in the north, Manipur in the north-east, and Tripura in the north-west. It also shares its international boundary with Myanmar in the east and with Bangladesh in the west.

Like all other north-east states, Mizoram is also mountainous state. The average height of the hills are about 1,000 meters. Phawngpui Tlang also popular as the Blue Mountain, located in the south-eastern part of the state; with the height of 2,210 meters, it is the highest peak in Mizoram. Besides, it has valleys, rivers, and lakes. There are sporadic plain areas here and there. The state has more than 75% area under forest cover. Because of larger area under forests and hilly region, there is hardly place for the cultivation, therefore, people still practice Jhum (Slash-and-burn) cultivation.

Major river of the state is Chhimtuipui, also known as Kolodyne, Kaladan, or Chimtuipui. Tlawng, Tut, Tuirial, and Tuivawl are other important rivers of the state. Located in Saiha district, the Palak lake is the biggest lake in Mizoram that covers 30 hectares land area.


State Animal:                                 Hillock Gibbon

State Bird:                                        Mrs. Hume's Pheasant

State Tree:                                       Iron Wood

State Flower:                                   Red Vanada

 Mizoram District Map
Mizoram District Map Aizawl District Map Champhai District Map
Kolasib District Map Lawngtlai District Map Lunglei District Map
Mamit District Map Saiha District Map Serchhip District Map
 Mizoram Road Map
Mizoram Road Map Aizawl Road Map Champhai Road Map
Kolasib Road Map Lawngtlai Road Map Lunglei Road Map
Mamit Road Map Saiha Road Map Serchhip Road Map
 Mizoram Thematic Map
Mizoram Political Map Mizoram Forest Map    
Mizoram Physical Map Mizoram Mineral Map    
 Mizoram Outline Map
Mizoram Outline Map Aizawl Outline Map Champhai Outline Map
Kolasib Outline Map Lawngtlai Outline Map Lunglei Outline Map
Mamit Outline Map Saiha Outline Map Serchhip Outline Map
 Mizoram Location Map
Mizoram Location Map Aizawl Location Map Champhai Location Map
Kolasib Location Map Lawngtlai Location Map Lunglei Location Map
Mamit Location Map Saiha Location Map Serchhip Location Map
 Mizoram Railway Map
Mizoram Railway Map Aizawl Railway Map Champhai Railway Map
Kolasib Railway Map Lawngtlai Railway Map Lunglei Railway Map
Mamit Railway Map Saiha Railway Map Serchhip Railway Map
 Mizoram River Map
Mizoram River Map Aizawl River Map Champhai River Map
Kolasib River Map Lawngtlai River Map Lunglei River Map
Mamit River Map Saiha River Map Serchhip River Map
 Mizoram Blank Map
Mizoram Blank Map Aizawl Blank Map Champhai Blank Map
Kolasib Blank Map Lawngtlai Blank Map Lunglei Blank Map
Mamit Blank Map Saiha Blank Map Serchhip Blank Map
 Mizoram National Highway Map
Mizoram National Highway Map Aizawl National Highway Map Champhai National Highway Map
Kolasib National Highway Map Lawngtlai National Highway Map Lunglei National Highway Map
Mamit National Highway Map Saiha National Highway Map Serchhip National Highway Map
 Mizoram Tourist Map
Mizoram Tourist Map Aizawl Tourist Map Champhai Tourist Map
Kolasib Tourist Map Lawngtlai Tourist Map Lunglei Tourist Map
Mamit Tourist Map Saiha Tourist Map Serchhip Tourist Map