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Manipur Map

Manipur State Map
* Manipur Map showing major roads, railways, rivers, state highway, national highways, seaports, district boundaries etc.



Formation Year:               January 21, 1972

Location:                             North-east India

Capital:                                 Imphal

Largest city:                          Imphal

Number of Districts:            9

 Area:                                     22,327 sq km

Area Rank:                             24th   

Population:                            2,570,390

Sex Ratio:                                 992 F/1000 M

Density:                                  120 km2

Literacy:                                  79.21%

Official Languages:               Meiteilon

Manipur is one of the states of north-east India. it is surrounded by hills and mountains. The state shares its boundary with Mizoram in the south, Assam in the west, and Nagaland in the north. In addition, it also shares its international boundary with Myanmar (Burma) in the east. Imphal is the capital and largest city of the state.

The hilly state has many physiographic features. There are several river basins; however, significant of them are the Barak River Basin in the west, the Manipur River Basin in the central part, the Yu River Basin in the east, and the Lanye River Basin in the north. The Loktak Lake is the largest lake and one of the most important features of the state. Climate of the state varies according to its altitude; therefore, it has different climatic system in different parts of the state. The state has about 64% under natural vegetation of total geographic area.

There are many tribal groups in the state including Meitei, Kuki, Naga, Bishnupriya Manipuri, Pangal, and Gorkhali; however, Meiteis tribal group with 60% of total population has the maximum proportion in the state. Surprisingly, all these tribal groups have their own dialects.
State’s economy largely depends upon agriculture, forestry, cottage and trade. Because of its geographic location, the state acts as India’s ‘Gateway to the East’ through Moreh and Tamu towns. There is land route that facilitates trade between India and Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries. The state has the highest number of handicrafts units as well as the highest number of crafts persons in the whole north-east region of India.


State Animal:                                 Barasingha

State Bird:                                        Paradise flycatcher

State Tree:                                       Banyan

State Flower:                                   Palash

 Manipur District Map
Manipur District Map Bishnupur District Map Churachandpur District Map
Chandel District Map Imphal East District Map Imphal West District Map
Senapati District Map Tamenglong District Map Thoubal District Map
Ukhrul District Map        
 Manipur Road Map
Manipur Road Map Bishnupur Road Map Churachandpur Road Map
Chandel Road Map Imphal East Road Map Imphal West Road Map
Senapati Road Map Tamenglong Road Map Thoubal Road Map
Ukhrul Road Map        
 Manipur Thematic Map
Manipur Political Map Manipur Forest Map    
Manipur Physical Map Manipur Mineral Map    
 Manipur Outline Map
Manipur Outline Map Bishnupur Outline Map Churachandpur Outline Map
Chandel Outline Map Imphal East Outline Map Imphal West Outline Map
Senapati Outline Map Tamenglong Outline Map Thoubal Outline Map
Ukhrul Outline Map        
 Manipur Railway Map
Manipur Railway Map Bishnupur Railway Map Churachandpur Railway Map
Chandel Railway Map Imphal East Railway Map Imphal West Railway Map
Senapati Railway Map Tamenglong Railway Map Thoubal Railway Map
Ukhrul Railway Map        
 Manipur River Map
Manipur River Map Bishnupur River Map Churachandpur River Map
Chandel River Map Imphal East River Map Imphal West River Map
Senapati River Map Tamenglong River Map Thoubal River Map
Ukhrul River Map        
 Manipur National Highway Map
Manipur National Highway Map Bishnupur National Highway Map Churachandpur National Highway Map
Chandel National Highway Map Imphal East National Highway Map Imphal West National Highway Map
Senapati National Highway Map Tamenglong National Highway Map Thoubal National Highway Map
Ukhrul National Highway Map        
 Manipur Blank Map
Manipur Blank Map Bishnupur Blank Map Churachandpur Blank Map
Chandel Blank Map Imphal East Blank Map Imphal West Blank Map
Senapati Blank Map Tamenglong Blank Map Thoubal Blank Map
Ukhrul Blank Map        
 Manipur Location Map
Manipur Location Map Bishnupur Location Map Churachandpur Location Map
Chandel Location Map Imphal East Location Map Imphal West Location Map
Senapati Location Map Tamenglong Location Map Thoubal Location Map
Ukhrul Location Map        
 Manipur Tourist Map
Manipur Tourist Map Bishnupur Tourist Map Churachandpur Tourist Map
Chandel Tourist Map Imphal East Tourist Map Imphal West Tourist Map
Senapati Tourist Map Tamenglong Tourist Map Thoubal Tourist Map
Ukhrul Tourist Map        
Manipur State Map