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Maharashtra River Map

Maharashtra River Map
Description : Map Showing the river network of Maharashtra Disclaimer

List of Major river flows in Maharastra :-

Amba, Ambika, Bhima River, Girna, Godavari, Indravati, Krishna, River, Manjra, Narmada, Pranhitha, Purna, Tapi, Wainganga, Wardha

The river Amba originates in the Borghat hill at an altitude of about 554 m. The total length of the river is about 76 km before joining the sea.

Ambica River basin which is adjacent to the Auranga basin can be divided in to two prominent physiographic zones. It is a west flowing rivers with its catchment in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The Godavari basin is bounded on the south by the Ajanta range, on the north by the Satmala hills, and the Mahadeo hills, on the east by the Eastern Ghats and on the west by the Western Ghats. The Godavari receives the water from a length of about 129 km.

Tapi length of around 724 km one of the major rivers of peninsular India. River of central India. It is one of only three rivers in peninsular India rises near Multai in the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh at an elevation of about 753 m and flows for about 725 km before outfalling into the Arabian Sea through the Gulf of Cambay.

Maharashtra Rivers Map