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Maharashtra District Map

Maharashtra District Map
Description :  Maharashtra Map showing major roads, railways, rivers, district highway, national highways, seaports, district boundaries etc. Disclaimer

Maharashtra is the second most populous state in India after Uttar Pradesh. Maharashtra Day is celebrated on 1st May every year, on this day Maharashtra attained statehood. It also has a very good theatre tradition. Maharashtra state is most industrialized state and has 35 districts, which are grouped into six divisions.
Languages spoken here are Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and English. Maharashtra is located in the northern center of peninsular India, Arabian sea in the west, Madhya Pradesh in the east, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh on the south and Gujarat on the north. Besides all main festivals whole Maharashtra celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi and Gudi Padva. Lavnis, Bharuds, Povadas, and Gondals are the major  dance forms of folk music in the state.

Maharashtra is truly a “Great Land” and the most fascinating region of India. It is also one of the most industrially and commercially developed states of India and Mumbai, the capital town is the true ‘Financial and industrial capital’ of India. The state boasts of a great religious, cultural, historical and martial heritage. To be found here are hundreds of shrines of all faiths that is almost as old as the religions. Everywhere in the state is painting and sculpture, in architecture and handicraft, Maharashtra displays a fascinating variety of brilliant achievements which are very evident in its cave-temples and Hindu shrines. Massive forts and historic battle sites all tell the story of this great land.

Maharashtra offers a traveller idyllic bliss in a land blessed by nature. Quiet and beautiful hill station, secluded palm-shaded golden beaches, placid lakes, warm springs and a variety of wildlife…these are all part of a land created, as it were only for a relaxing holiday.

Maharashtra Districts Map