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Karnataka Tourist Map

*Map Showing the tourist attraction of Karnataka

Tourism in Karnataka
By virtue of having historical forts, monuments, and temples among the geographical diversity, Karnataka is pretty popular for its tourism. The state has many nationally and state protected monuments. The major tourist’s attractions in the state are historical palaces, temples, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, beaches, natural landscapes and many more.
Important Tourists’ attractions of Southern Karnataka
  • Bengaluru: Formerly popular as Bangalore, it is the capital of Karnataka.
  • Halebidu: This pretty fascinating that narrates the epics of Ramyana, Mahabartha, and Bhagavata.
  • Ramanathapur: There are many temples including Rameshwara, Aghastheshwara, Subramanya, and Pattabi Rama etc.
  • Belur: It has popular Hoysala temple complex.
  • Aralaguppe: It is popular temple; interestingly, the ceiling of temple portrays dancing Shiva sculpture along with musical accompanists and eight Dikpalas.
  • Arasikere: Here one can see series of temples. However, it is also popular for coconut gardens.
  • Madhugiri: Popular for its huge historical hill fort.
  • Sira: This place has popular Jumma Masjid, Gopalakrishna temple and many more.
  • Melukote: There are many popular temples in Melukote that fascinate people.
  • Somnathpur: Known for its Hoysala temple architecture.
  • Yediyur: Along with the temples, this place is also popular for its paintings.
  • Madikeri / Mercara: It is popular for its landscapes, coffee plantations and forests. Because of this, it is also known as ‘Scotland of India.’
  • Jog Falls: This is the highest water fall of India.
  • Srirangapattana: It is located about the distance of 14 km from Mysore and popular for its scenic location.
  • Mekedatu: Located in a beautiful landscape, Mekedatu is popular as picnic spot.
  • Devarayanadurga: Popular as hill station of the state.
Important Tourists’ Attractions of Northern Karnataka
World Heritage Sites
Hampi: It is one of the most popular tourists’ attractions located in Bellary District. It is about 29-feet-tall monolithic Narasimha, installed by Krishnadevaraya in 1529.
Group of 8th century CE monuments, Pattadakal: Pattadakal abodes different unique historical temples. Surprisingly, these monuments architected beautifully in south Indian Dravidian style, North Indian Nagara style and the last Papanatha temple is amalgam of the two styles. Some popular temples are Sangameshwara, Mallikarjuna, and Virupaksha Temple.
Important Historical Sites
  • Aihole: It has series of more than hundred temples. Most of these temples are constructed during the period of 6th to 12th century. In addition, there are also Jain and Vedic rock-cut shrines.
  • Badami: Badami is popular for its four caves and temple here are dedicated to Lord Vishnu. 
  • Basavakalyana: Located in Bidar Disctrict, it is popular for Archaeological Museum.
  • Basavana Bagewadi
  • Buddhist temples
  • Shakti Stal
  • Annigeri
  • Gadag
  • Lakkundi
  • Bankapura
  • Dambal
  • Haveri
  • Galaganatha
  • Lakshmeshwar
  • Kudalasangama
  • Chaudayyadanapura
  • Itagi
  • Kundgol
  • Hooli
Important Forts of Karnataka
  • Bidar Fort
  • Gulbarga Fort
  • Basavakalyan Fort
  • Gajendragad Fort
  • Nargund fort
  • Savadatti Fort
  • Bellary Fort
  • Sandur Fort
Major Attractions of Coastal Karnataka
  • Gokarna: Popular as pilgrimage centre.
  • Udupi: Dedicated to Lord Krishna, it is popular religious place.
  • Karkala: Popular as Jain centre.
  • Dharmastala: Located in the scenic landscape in the vicinity of forested hill, it is popular pilgrim centre.
  • Kollur: This pilgrimage center is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Bhatkal: This religious place is popular for its architecture and sculpture.
  • Murudeshwar: Surprisingly, this religious site has 123 feet high idol of Lord Shiva.
Major Hills of Karnataka
  • Agumbe: Largely known for its scenic landscapes.
  • Bheemeshwari: It is located on the bank of Kaveri river.
  • Kemmangundi: This is the hill station located at Tarikere taluk in Chikmagalur District.
  • Kodachadri: It is the highest peak of Shimoga district and popular for the sunrise and sunset.
  • Kundadri Hill: It is located in Shimoga District and popular for the monolithic rock formation.
  • Nandi Hills: It is located in Chikkaballapur District and popular for the ancient temple. 
  • Baba Budan Range: It is located in the Dattagiri Hill Range/Baba Budan Range of the Western Ghats.
Major Beaches of Karnataka
  • Gokarna Beach
  • Malpe Beach
  • Karwar Beach
  • Someshwar Beach
  • Surathkal Beach
  • Kurumgad Beach
  • Marawanthe Beach
  • Tannirbavi Beach
  • Kaup Beach
  • Panambur Beach
  • Murudeshwar Beach
  • Ullal Beach
Popular Islands
  • St. Mary's Island: There are series of small islands in the Arabian Sea; these days becoming pretty popular for tourism.
Important National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Karnataka
  • Bandipur National Park: Popular NP in Mysore district.
  • Nagarhole National Park: It is in Mysore and Kodagu district.
  • Bannerghatta National Park: Located in Bangalore district.
  • Dandeli &Anshi National Park: It is in Uttara Kannada district.
  • Kudremukh National Park: It is in Dakshina Kannada and Chickmagalur district.
  • Rangantittu Bird Sanctuary: It is in Mandya district.
  • Gudavi and Mandegadde Bird Sanctuaries: It is in Shimoga district.
  • Magadi Bird Sanctuary: It is in Gadag District.
  • Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary: It is in Uttara Kannada district.
  • Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary: It is in Kodagu district.
  • Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary: It is in Kodagu district.
  • Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary: It is in Haveri district.
 Karnataka District Map
Karnataka District Map Bangalore Urban District Map Bangalore Rural District Map
Chikkaballapur District Map Chitradurga District Map Davanagere District Map
Kolar District Map Ramanagara District Map Shimoga District Map
Tumkur District Map Bagalkot District Map Belgaum District Map
Bijapur District Map Dharwad District Map Gadag District Map
Haveri District Map Uttara Kannada District Map Bellary District Map
Bidar District Map Gulbarga District Map Koppal District Map
Raichur District Map Yadgir District Map Chamarajanagar District Map
Chikamagalur District Map Dakshina Kannada District Map Hassan District Map
Kodagu District Map Mandya District Map Mysore District Map
Udupi District Map        
 Karnataka Road Map
Karnataka Road Map Bangalore Urban Road Map Bangalore Rural Road Map
Chikkaballapur Road Map Chitradurga Road Map Davanagere Road Map
Kolar Road Map Ramanagara Road Map Shimoga Road Map
Tumkur Road Map Bagalkot Road Map Belgaum Road Map
Bijapur Road Map Dharwad Road Map Gadag Road Map
Haveri Road Map Uttara Kannada Road Map Bellary Road Map
Bidar Road Map Gulbarga Road Map Koppal Road Map
Raichur Road Map Yadgir Road Map Chamarajanagar Road Map
Chikamagalur Road Map Dakshina Kannada Road Map Hassan Road Map
Kodagu Road Map Mandya Road Map Mysore Road Map
Udupi Road Map        
 Karnataka Thematic Map
Karnatka Political Map Karnatka Forest Map    
Karnatka Physical Map Karnatka Mineral Map    
 Karnataka Outline Map
Karnataka Outline Map Bangalore Urban Outline Map Bangalore Rural Outline Map
Chikkaballapur Outline Map Chitradurga Outline Map Davanagere Outline Map
Kolar Outline Map Ramanagara Outline Map Shimoga Outline Map
Tumkur Outline Map Bagalkot Outline Map Belgaum Outline Map
Bijapur Outline Map Dharwad Outline Map Gadag Outline Map
Haveri Outline Map Uttara Kannada Outline Map Bellary Outline Map
Bidar Outline Map Gulbarga Outline Map Koppal Outline Map
Raichur Outline Map Yadgir Outline Map Chamarajanagar Outline Map
Chikamagalur Outline Map Dakshina Kannada Outline Map Hassan Outline Map
Kodagu Outline Map Mandya Outline Map Mysore Outline Map
Udupi Outline Map        
 Karnataka Blank Map
Karnataka Blank Map Bangalore Urban Blank Map Bangalore Rural Blank Map
Chikkaballapur Blank Map Chitradurga Blank Map Davanagere Blank Map
Kolar Blank Map Ramanagara Blank Map Shimoga Blank Map
Tumkur Blank Map Bagalkot Blank Map Belgaum Blank Map
Bijapur Blank Map Dharwad Blank Map Gadag Blank Map
Haveri Blank Map Uttara Kannada Blank Map Bellary Blank Map
Bidar Blank Map Gulbarga Blank Map Koppal Blank Map
Raichur Blank Map Yadgir Blank Map Chamarajanagar Blank Map
Chikamagalur Blank Map Dakshina Kannada Blank Map Hassan Blank Map
Kodagu Blank Map Mandya Blank Map Mysore Blank Map
Udupi Blank Map        
 Karnataka Railway Map
Karnataka Railway Map Bangalore Urban Railway Map Bangalore Rural Railway Map
Chikkaballapur Railway Map Chitradurga Railway Map Davanagere Railway Map
Kolar Railway Map Ramanagara Railway Map Shimoga Railway Map
Tumkur Railway Map Bagalkot Railway Map Belgaum Railway Map
Bijapur Railway Map Dharwad Railway Map Gadag Railway Map
Haveri Railway Map Uttara Kannada Railway Map Bellary Railway Map
Bidar Railway Map Gulbarga Railway Map Koppal Railway Map
Raichur Railway Map Yadgir Railway Map Chamarajanagar Railway Map
Chikamagalur Railway Map Dakshina Kannada Railway Map Hassan Railway Map
Kodagu Railway Map Mandya Railway Map Mysore Railway Map
Udupi Railway Map        
 Karnataka River Map
Karnataka River Map Bangalore Urban River Map Bangalore Rural River Map
Chikkaballapur River Map Chitradurga River Map Davanagere River Map
Kolar River Map Ramanagara River Map Shimoga River Map
Tumkur River Map Bagalkot River Map Belgaum River Map
Bijapur River Map Dharwad River Map Gadag River Map
Haveri River Map Uttara Kannada River Map Bellary River Map
Bidar River Map Gulbarga River Map Koppal River Map
Raichur River Map Yadgir River Map Chamarajanagar River Map
Chikamagalur River Map Dakshina Kannada River Map Hassan River Map
Kodagu River Map Mandya River Map Mysore River Map
Udupi River Map        
 Karnataka Location Map
Karnataka Location Map Bangalore Urban Location Map Bangalore Rural Location Map
Chikkaballapur Location Map Chitradurga Location Map Davanagere Location Map
Kolar Location Map Ramanagara Location Map Shimoga Location Map
Tumkur Location Map Bagalkot Location Map Belgaum Location Map
Bijapur Location Map Dharwad Location Map Gadag Location Map
Haveri Location Map Uttara Kannada Location Map Bellary Location Map
Bidar Location Map Gulbarga Location Map Koppal Location Map
Raichur Location Map Yadgir Location Map Chamarajanagar Location Map
Chikamagalur Location Map Dakshina Kannada Location Map Hassan Location Map
Kodagu Location Map Mandya Location Map Mysore Location Map
Udupi Location Map        
 Karnataka National Highway Map
Karnataka National Highway Map Bangalore Urban National Highway Map Bangalore Rural National Highway Map
Chikkaballapur National Highway Map Chitradurga National Highway Map Davanagere National Highway Map
Kolar National Highway Map Ramanagara National Highway Map Shimoga National Highway Map
Tumkur National Highway Map Bagalkot National Highway Map Belgaum National Highway Map
Bijapur National Highway Map Dharwad National Highway Map Gadag National Highway Map
Haveri National Highway Map Uttara Kannada National Highway Map Bellary National Highway Map
Bidar National Highway Map Gulbarga National Highway Map Koppal National Highway Map
Raichur National Highway Map Yadgir National Highway Map Chamarajanagar National Highway Map
Chikamagalur National Highway Map Dakshina Kannada National Highway Map Hassan National Highway Map
Kodagu National Highway Map Mandya National Highway Map Mysore National Highway Map
Udupi National Highway Map        
 Karnataka Tourist Map
Karnataka Tourist Map Bangalore Urban Tourist Map Bangalore Rural Tourist Map
Chikkaballapur Tourist Map Chitradurga Tourist Map Davanagere Tourist Map
Kolar Tourist Map Ramanagara Tourist Map Shimoga Tourist Map
Tumkur Tourist Map Bagalkot Tourist Map Belgaum Tourist Map
Bijapur Tourist Map Dharwad Tourist Map Gadag Tourist Map
Haveri Tourist Map Uttara Kannada Tourist Map Bellary Tourist Map
Bidar Tourist Map Gulbarga Tourist Map Koppal Tourist Map
Raichur Tourist Map Yadgir Tourist Map Chamarajanagar Tourist Map
Chikamagalur Tourist Map Dakshina Kannada Tourist Map Hassan Tourist Map
Kodagu Tourist Map Mandya Tourist Map Mysore Tourist Map
Udupi Tourist Map