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Jammu and Kashmir Map

Jammu & Kashmir State Map  
* Jammu and Kashmir Map showing major roads, railways, rivers, state highway, national highways, seaports, district boundaries etc.



Formation Year:     October 26, 1947

Location:             North India

Capital:              Jammu (in winter) &
                           Kashmir (in summer)

Largest city:      Srinagar

Number of Districts:  22

 Area:                           222,236 sq km

Area Rank:                 5th  

Population:                12,541,302

Sex Ratio:                     889 F/1000 M

Density:                        56/km2

Literacy:                        67.16%

Official Languages:       Urdu

Located in the vicinity of Western Himalaya, Jammu and Kashmir is the northern most state of India. As you can see on the given Jammu and Kashmir Map, it shares its state boundary with Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in the south; and, it also shares its international boundary with People’s Republic of China in the east and north, Pakistan in the west, and it also shares tiny international boundary with Afghanistan in the north-west region.

Largely, the state is classified into three geo-political regions namely Jammu (located in the south of the state), the Kashmir Valley (located in the north and north-west region), and Ladakh (located in the east and north-east region. Unlike other states, it has two capitals – Jammu is the capital of state during the winter and Kashmir is the capital for summer season.

Geographically, the state has largely mountainous region and rugged topography. It has high mountain peaks, deep valley, and many rivers. Along with Himalaya, other mountain ranges in the state are Karakoram, Laddakh Range, Zaskar Range etc. Besides, the significant valleys of state are Kashmir Valley (internationally popular for its natural beauty, tourists from different parts of the world wish to visit), Chenab Valley, Tawi Valley, Poonch Valley, Sindh Valley etc. One of the largest river systems of India namely Indus flows through the state; other important rivers are Chenab, Jhelum, Tawa, Ravi etc. All these rivers are snow-fed, which originates from the glaciers. The state has many glaciers of such kind; however, the largest glacier is Siachen Glacier. Because of having high difference in altitude, climate of the state also varies according to the altitude. However, it has largely temperate climate.

Because of having the Indo-Tibetan culture, Jammu and Kashmir has very historic and rich culture and traditions. The economy of the state is largely dependent on agriculture, horticulture, and allied activities. In addition, the cold water flowing in the valleys of Kashmir is very much suitable for the sericulture. The vegetations of the state growing on the Himalayan Mountains are also one of the sources of revenue. One of the uses of woods (especially Kashmir Willow) grown in Kashmir is making high-quality cricket bats. In addition, Kashmiri saffron is very much popular throughout the country and as well as in foreign countries, state generates substantial amount of foreign exchange from Saffron. However, the major agricultural exports from the states are apples, oranges, saffron, cherries, corn, millet, peaches, sorghum, pears, vegetables etc. And, significant manufactured items are largely handicraft such as rugs and shawls. These handicrafts items are also popular throughout country as well as in foreign countries.


State Animal:                                 Hangul

State Bird:                                        Black Necked Crane

State Tree:                                       Chinar

State Flower:                                   Rhododendron

Jammu & Kashmir District Map
Jammu & Kashmir District Map Kathua District Map Jammu District Map
Samba District Map Udhampur District Map Reasi District Map
Rajouri District Map Poonch District Map Doda District Map
Ramban District Map Kishtwar District Map Anantnag District Map
Kulgam District Map Pulwama District Map Shopian District Map
Budgam District Map Srinagar District Map Ganderbal District Map
Bandipora District Map Baramulla District Map Kupwara District Map
Kargil District Map Leh District Map    
Jammu & Kashmir Road Map
Jammu & Kashmir Road Map Kathua Road Map Jammu Road Map
Samba Road Map Udhampur Road Map Reasi Road Map
Rajouri Road Map Poonch Road Map Doda Road Map
Ramban Road Map Kishtwar Road Map Anantnag Road Map
Kulgam Road Map Pulwama Road Map Shopian Road Map
Budgam Road Map Srinagar Road Map Ganderbal Road Map
Bandipora Road Map Baramulla Road Map Kupwara Road Map
Kargil Road Map Leh Road Map    
Jammu & Kashmir Thematic Map
Jammu & Kashmir Political Map Jammu & Kashmir Forest Map    
Jammu & Kashmir Physical Map Jammu & Kashmir Mineral Map    
Jammu & Kashmir Outline Map
Jammu & Kashmir Outline Map Kathua Outline Map Jammu Outline Map
Samba Outline Map Udhampur Outline Map Reasi Outline Map
Rajouri Outline Map Poonch Outline Map Doda Outline Map
Ramban Outline Map Kishtwar Outline Map Anantnag Outline Map
Kulgam Outline Map Pulwama Outline Map Shopian Outline Map
Budgam Outline Map Srinagar Outline Map Ganderbal Outline Map
Bandipora Outline Map Baramulla Outline Map Kupwara Outline Map
Kargil Outline Map Leh Outline Map    
Jammu & Kashmir Location Map
Jammu & Kashmir Location Map Kathua Location Map Jammu Location Map
Samba Location Map Udhampur Location Map Reasi Location Map
Rajouri Location Map Poonch Location Map Doda Location Map
Ramban Location Map Kishtwar Location Map Anantnag Location Map
Kulgam Location Map Pulwama Location Map Shopian Location Map
Budgam Location Map Srinagar Location Map Ganderbal Location Map
Bandipora Location Map Baramulla Location Map Kupwara Location Map
Kargil Location Map Leh Location Map    
Jammu & Kashmir River Map  
Jammu & Kashmir River Map Kathua River Map Jammu River Map
Samba River Map Udhampur River Map Reasi River Map
Rajouri River Map Poonch River Map Doda River Map
Ramban River Map Kishtwar River Map Anantnag River Map
Kulgam River Map Pulwama River Map Shopian River Map
Budgam River Map Srinagar River Map Ganderbal River Map
Bandipora River Map Baramulla River Map Kupwara River Map
Kargil River Map Leh River Map    
Jammu & Kashmir Blank Map
Jammu & Kashmir Blank Map Kathua Blank Map Jammu Blank Map
Samba Blank Map Udhampur Blank Map Reasi Blank Map
Rajouri Blank Map Poonch Blank Map Doda Blank Map
Ramban Blank Map Kishtwar Blank Map Anantnag Blank Map
Kulgam Blank Map Pulwama Blank Map Shopian Blank Map
Budgam Blank Map Srinagar Blank Map Ganderbal Blank Map
Bandipora Blank Map Baramulla Blank Map Kupwara Blank Map
Kargil Blank Map Leh Blank Map    
Jammu & Kashmir National Highway Map
Jammu & Kashmir National Highway Map Kathua National Highway Map Jammu National Highway Map
Samba National Highway Map Udhampur National Highway Map Reasi National Highway Map
Rajouri National Highway Map Poonch National Highway Map Doda National Highway Map
Ramban National Highway Map Kishtwar National Highway Map Anantnag National Highway Map
Kulgam National Highway Map Pulwama National Highway Map Shopian National Highway Map
Budgam National Highway Map Srinagar National Highway Map Ganderbal National Highway Map
Bandipora National Highway Map Baramulla National Highway Map Kupwara National Highway Map
Kargil National Highway Map Leh National Highway Map