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Himachal Pradesh Map

Himachal Pradesh State Map
* Himachal Pradesh Map showing major roads, railways, rivers, state highway, national highways, seaports, district boundaries etc.



Formation Year:            January 25, 1971

Location:                             North India

Capital:                                  Shimla

Largest city:                           Shimla

Number of Districts:            12

 Area:                                      55,673 sq km

Area Rank:                             17th  

Population:                            6,864,602

Sex Ratio:                                972 F/1000 M

Density:                                   123/km2

Literacy:                                  82.80%

Official Languages:                Hindi

Located in the vicinity of Western Himalaya, Himachal Pradesh is one of the northern states of India. As shown in the given Himachal Pradesh Map, it shares its state boundary with Jammu and Kashmir in the north, Punjab in the west, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana in the south, and Uttarakhand in the south-east. Further, it also shares international boundary with Tibet Autonomous Region in the east.

Major source of revenue in the state is hydroelectric power, tourism, and agriculture. By virtue having favourable conditions and presence of many perennial rivers (snow-fed), it produces surplus electricity. Surprisingly, as the report of 2005 prepared by Transparency International Survey, Himachal Pradesh is the second least (only after Kerala) corrupt state in India.

Spread in 55,673 sq km, Himachal Pradesh is entirely mountainous state; its relief features ranging from 35 meters to 7,000 meters above sea level. Because of having so big variation in elevation, the climatic conditions also vary accordingly. It has wide range of climates ranging from hot and sub-tropical in the southern region to cold, alpine, and glacial in the northern and eastern mountain ranges. Rainfall also varies from low to high, depending upon the region. Season in the state is largely categorised into cold winter, warm summer, and rainy seasons. However, alpine regions also receive snowfall during winter. The important rivers of the state are Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, Beas, and Yamuna.

 Himachal Pradesh District Map
Himachal Pradesh District Map Bilaspur Chamba
Hamirpur Kangra Kinnaur
Kullu Lahaul and Spiti Mandi
Shimla Sirmaur Solan
 Himachal Pradesh Road Map
Himachal Pradesh Road Map Bilaspur Road Map Chamba Road Map
Hamirpur Road Map Kangra Road Map Kinnaur Road Map
Kullu Road Map Lahaul and Spiti Road Map Mandi Road Map
Shimla Road Map Sirmaur Road Map Solan Road Map
Una Road Map        
 Himachal Pradesh Thematic Map
Himachal Pradesh Political Map Himachal Pradesh Forest Map    
Himachal Pradesh Physical Map Himachal Pradesh Mineral Map    
 Himachal Pradesh Outline Map
Himachal Pradesh Outline Map Bilaspur Outline Map Chamba Outline Map
Hamirpur Outline Map Kangra Outline Map Kinnaur Outline Map
Kullu Outline Map Lahaul and Spiti Outline Map Mandi Outline Map
Shimla Outline Map Sirmaur Outline Map Solan Outline Map
Una Outline Map        
 Himachal Pradesh Location Map
Himachal Pradesh Location Map Bilaspur Location Map Chamba Location Map
Hamirpur Location Map Kangra Location Map Kinnaur Location Map
Kullu Location Map Lahaul and Spiti Location Map Mandi Location Map
Shimla Location Map Sirmaur Location Map Solan Location Map
Una Location Map        
 Himachal Pradesh Railway Map
Himachal Pradesh Railway Map Bilaspur Railway Map Chamba Railway Map
Hamirpur Railway Map Kangra Railway Map Kinnaur Railway Map
Kullu Railway Map Lahaul and Spiti Railway Map Mandi Railway Map
Shimla Railway Map Sirmaur Railway Map Solan Railway Map
Una Railway Map        
 Himachal Pradesh River Map  
Himachal Pradesh River Map Bilaspur River Map Chamba River Map
Hamirpur River Map Kangra River Map Kinnaur River Map
Kullu River Map Lahaul and Spiti River Map Mandi River Map
Shimla River Map Sirmaur River Map Solan River Map
Una River Map        
 Himachal Pradesh Blank Map
Himachal Pradesh Blank Map Bilaspur Blank Map Chamba Blank Map
Hamirpur Blank Map Kangra Blank Map Kinnaur Blank Map
Kullu Blank Map Lahaul and Spiti Blank Map Mandi Blank Map
Shimla Blank Map Sirmaur Blank Map Solan Blank Map
Una Blank Map        
 Himachal Pradesh National Highway Map
Himachal Pradesh National Highway Map Bilaspur National Highway Map Chamba National Highway Map
Hamirpur National Highway Map Kangra National Highway Map Kinnaur National Highway Map
Kullu National Highway Map Lahaul and Spiti National Highway Map Mandi National Highway Map
Shimla National Highway Map Sirmaur National Highway Map Solan National Highway Map
Una National Highway Map        
 Himachal Pradesh Tourist Map
Himachal Pradesh Tourist Map Bilaspur Tourist Map Chamba Tourist Map
Hamirpur Tourist Map Kangra Tourist Map Kinnaur Tourist Map
Kullu Tourist Map Lahaul and Spiti Tourist Map Mandi Tourist Map
Shimla Tourist Map Sirmaur Tourist Map Solan Tourist Map
Una Tourist Map        
Himachal Pradesh State Map