Madhepura District Map

Madhepura District Map  
* Map Showing Madhepura District

Madhepura Facts File
Country India
State Bihar
Administrative division Kosi
Headquarters Madhepura
Date of formation 09-05-1981
Area: 1788 square kilometers
Longitude 86° .19’ to 87°.07’ E
Latitude 25°. 34 to 26°.07’ N
Population density 852 Per Sq. K.M.
Famous For Temples
STD Code 612
Sex Ratio 915
No.of Villages 441
No.of Blocks 13
Boundaries of Madhepura District
North: Supaul District, Bihar
South: Bhagalpur District, Bihar
East: Khagaria District, Saharsa District, Bihar
West: Purnia District, Bihar
Average Rainfall: 973.39 mm