Jamui District Map

Jamui District Map  
* Map Showing Districts in Jamui

Jamui Facts File
Country India
State Bihar
Administrative division Munger
Date of formation: Jamui District was carved out of Munger District on 21st February 1991
Area: 3098 square kilometers
Male Female Ratio: 1000:921
Density of population: 567 people per square kilometer
Literacy Rate: 62.16%
Male: 73.77 %,
Female: 49.44%
Boundaries of Jamui District
North: Lakhisarai District, Bihar
North East: Munger District, Bihar
North West: Sheikhpura District and Nawada District, Bihar
East: Banka District, Bihar
South and South West: Jharkhand
Average Rainfall: 910.14 mm