Gaya District Map

Gaya District Map  
* Map Showing Districts in Gaya

Gaya Facts File
Country India
State Bihar
Division: Magadh Division
District Gaya
Area: 4975 square kilometers
Date of Formation: Gaya District was created in 1865.
Region Magadha
Industry Oil Mills, Sugar Factory, Lac, etc.
Agriculture Paddy, Wheat, Potato, Lentils.
Rivers Phalgu.
Literacy Rate: 66.00%
Male: 76%
Female: 55%
Boundaries of Gaya District
North East: Nalanda District, Bihar
North West: Jehanabad District, Bihar
South: Jharkhand
East: Nawada District, Bihar
West: Aurangabad District, Bihar
Average Rainfall: 832.80 mm