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Assam State Map

Assam State Map
* Assam Map showing major roads, railways, rivers, state highway, national highways, seaports, district boundaries etc.



Formation Year:    1912

Location:              North East India

Capital:                 Dispur

Largest city:           Guwahati

Number of Districts:   27

 Area:                         78,438 sq km

Population:              31,205,576

Sex Ratio:                  958 F/1000 M

Density:                     398/sq km

Literacy:                     73.19%

Official Languages:   Assamese

Located in the vicinity of Eastern Himalaya, Assam is one of the north-east states of India. It has more than 2,000 BC old civilization and during these periods, it was popular with the name 'Kamarupa' or 'Pragjyotish.'

Because of its geographical position, Assam shares its state boundary with all north-east states and others including Arunachal Pradesh in north, West Bengal in the west, Nagaland and Manipur Map in the east, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura in the south. It also shares its international boundary with Bhutan in the north and Bangladesh in south-west.
Because of its presence in Eastern Himalayan Regions, it has largely 'Tropical Monsoon Rainforest Climate,' and enriched with many varieties of flora and fauna. Assam is pretty resourceful state of India and posses various natural resources including petroleum, natural gas, limestone, coal, and other minerals like magnetic quartzite, sillimanites, kaolin etc. Significant species of state are Rhinoceros, White-winged Wood Duck, Golden Langur, Bengal Florican, Black-reasted Parrotbill, Pygmy Hog etc, other common species are tiger, hoolock gibbon, elephant, jerdon's babbler and many more. Surprisingly, Assam has more than 800 species of birds, which is the highest number of birds' species in India. It has also the highest number population of wild water buffalo in the whole world. Hence, to protect the wildlife, the region is protected by various National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries; name is given according to their geographical position.


State Animal:                                 Indian Rhinoceros

State Bird:                                       White winged Duck

State Tree:                                       Hollong Tree

State Flower:                                   Kopou phul (Foxtail Orchid)

State Symbol
Rhynchostylis Retusa (Fox tail orchid) Indian one-horned Rhino (Rhinoceros unicornis) White-wing Wood Duck (Cairina scutulata) Hollong (Dipterocarpus macrocarpus)
    Assam District Map
Assam District Map Kamrup District Map Dhubri District Map
Darrang District Map Karbi-Anglong District Map Goalpara District Map
Dibrugarh District Map Nagaon District Map Barpeta District Map
Morigaon District Map N.C.Hills District Map Golaghat District Map
Tinsukia District Map Dhemaji District Map Jorhat District Map
Bongaigaon District Map Hailakandi District Map Sibsagar District Map
Nalbari District Map Lakhimpur District Map Cachar District Map
Kokrajhar District Map Sonitpur District Map Karimganj District Map
 Assam Road Map
Assam Road Map Kamrup Road Map Dhubri Road Map
Darrang Road Map Karbi-Anglong Road Map Goalpara Road Map
Dibrugarh Road Map Nagaon Road Map Barpeta Road Map
Morigaon Road Map N.C.Hills Road Map Golaghat Road Map
Tinsukia Road Map Dhemaji Road Map Jorhat Road Map
Bongaigaon Road Map Hailakandi Road Map Sibsagar Road Map
Nalbari Road Map Lakhimpur Road Map Cachar Road Map
Kokrajhar Road Map Sonitpur Road Map Karimganj Road Map
 Assam Thematic Map
Assam Political Map Assam Forest Map    
Assam Physical Map Assam Mineral Map    
   Assam Outline Map
Assam Outline Map Kamrup Outline Map Dhubri Outline Map
Darrang Outline Map Karbi-Anglong Outline Map Goalpara Outline Map
Dibrugarh Outline Map Nagaon Outline Map Barpeta Outline Map
Morigaon Outline Map N.C.Hills Outline Map Golaghat Outline Map
Tinsukia Outline Map Dhemaji Outline Map Jorhat Outline Map
Bongaigaon Outline Map Hailakandi Outline Map Sibsagar Outline Map
Nalbari Outline Map Lakhimpur Outline Map Cachar Outline Map
Kokrajhar Outline Map Sonitpur Outline Map Karimganj Outline Map
   Assam Railway Map
 Assam Railway Map Kamrup Railway Map Dhubri Railway Map
Darrang Railway Map Karbi-Anglong Railway Map Goalpara Railway Map
Dibrugarh Railway Map Nagaon Railway Map Barpeta Railway Map
Morigaon Railway Map N.C.Hills Railway Map Golaghat Railway Map
Tinsukia Railway Map Dhemaji Railway Map Jorhat Railway Map
Bongaigaon Railway Map Hailakandi Railway Map Sibsagar Railway Map
Nalbari Railway Map Lakhimpur Railway Map Cachar Railway Map
Kokrajhar Railway Map Sonitpur Railway Map Karimganj Railway Map
   Assam River Map  
 Assam River Map Kamrup River Map Dhubri River Map
Darrang River Map Karbi-Anglong River Map Goalpara River Map
Dibrugarh River Map Nagaon River Map Barpeta River Map
Morigaon River Map N.C.Hills River Map Golaghat River Map
Tinsukia River Map Dhemaji River Map Jorhat River Map
Bongaigaon River Map Hailakandi River Map Sibsagar River Map
Nalbari River Map Lakhimpur River Map Cachar River Map
Kokrajhar River Map Sonitpur River Map Karimganj River Map
   Assam Blank Map
Assam Blank Map Kamrup Blank Map Dhubri Blank Map
Darrang Blank Map Karbi-Anglong Blank Map Goalpara Blank Map
Dibrugarh Blank Map Nagaon Blank Map Barpeta Blank Map
Morigaon Blank Map N.C.Hills Blank Map Golaghat Blank Map
Tinsukia Blank Map Dhemaji Blank Map Jorhat Blank Map
Bongaigaon Blank Map Hailakandi Blank Map Sibsagar Blank Map
Nalbari Blank Map Lakhimpur Blank Map Cachar Blank Map
Kokrajhar Blank Map Sonitpur Blank Map Karimganj Blank Map
   Assam National Highway Map
Assam National Highway Map Kamrup National Highway Map Dhubri National Highway Map
Darrang National Highway Map Karbi-Anglong National Highway Map Goalpara National Highway Map
Dibrugarh National Highway Map Nagaon National Highway Map Barpeta National Highway Map
Morigaon National Highway Map N.C.Hills National Highway Map Golaghat National Highway Map
Tinsukia National Highway Map Dhemaji National Highway Map Jorhat National Highway Map
Bongaigaon National Highway Map Hailakandi National Highway Map Sibsagar National Highway Map
Nalbari National Highway Map Lakhimpur National Highway Map Cachar National Highway Map
Kokrajhar National Highway Map Sonitpur National Highway Map Karimganj National Highway Map
   Assam Tourist Map
Assam Tourist Map Kamrup Tourist Map Dhubri Tourist Map
Darrang Tourist Map Karbi-Anglong Tourist Map Goalpara Tourist Map
Dibrugarh Tourist Map Nagaon Tourist Map Barpeta Tourist Map
Morigaon Tourist Map N.C.Hills Tourist Map Golaghat Tourist Map
Tinsukia Tourist Map Dhemaji Tourist Map Jorhat Tourist Map
Bongaigaon Tourist Map Hailakandi Tourist Map Sibsagar Tourist Map
Nalbari Tourist Map Lakhimpur Tourist Map Cachar Tourist Map
Kokrajhar Tourist Map Sonitpur Tourist Map Karimganj Tourist Map