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Arunachal Pradesh District Map

Arunachal Pradesh District Map
Description :This map showing the District Santuries of Arunachal Pradesh Disclaimer

Arunachal Pradesh is the “Land of the Rising Sun” and located in northeastern India. The Pradesh has incredible natural beauty, trekking and rafting are carried out in the state very frequently. Hornbill is the state bird. It is India's easternmost state is bounded by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China to the north, the kingdom of Bhutan to the west, Myanmar (Burma) and the Indian state of Nagaland to the south and southeast and the Indian state of Assam to the south and southwest.

Tawang is famous for Buddhist monastery and is visited by a number of domestic and international tourists and became the major tourist attraction in the state. Arunachal Pradesh is a small coastline state of India and known to be rich in flora, fauna and mineral potential. The major river of the state are the Brahmaputra.

Arunachal Pradesh Districts Map