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India Road Map

India Road map
Description : India Map showing Road network of India. Disclaimer

The given

India Road Map

is the true representation of India road network. By seeing the given map of Indian Road system, anyone can assume the density of Indian road system. With more than 4.42 million km road, India has the one of the largest road networks in the world. Interestingly, if we consider the quantitative road density then India’s road density is equal to USA and much ahead of China and other countries of the world.  As per the data, India has about 4 km road per 1000 people. However, since Indian Road system is categorized as National Highways, Indian Expressways, State Highways and others; secondly, it is also categorized as paved road and unpaved, therefore, the categorized data measure less dense.

However, the road transport keeps very much significant role for the development of Indian economy and also for other infrastructure development. Therefore constructing the new road and maintaining the existing road is one of the major responsibilities of central government and as well as state government. Because of this the road construction work and road maintenance work always keeps on going. Above all, this is very much true that India is a huge country and has very rough, rugged and mountainous topography, in such condition, constructions of new road is very difficult; nevertheless, India’s road density is increasing every day. Engineers are constructing road everywhere whether it is mountains and plains. And, it can be easily recognized on the given India road map.

Moreover, Indian roads share about 85% of total passenger traffic and more than 65% of total freight (that happen through the roadways).
  • The total length of National Highways is more than 70,930 km
  • The total length of State Highways is more than 131,850 km &
  • The length of total Rural and urban roads is more than 3,117,760 km