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River Map of India

River Map of India  

India River Map

- India Map showing Rivers connectivity of India


The given Indian River map illustrates the major rivers and their tributaries. River map of India is not only very much informative but also eye-catching; this is known to everyone that the river is the one of the oldest resources that has given chatter to all lives on the earth including human beings.

The primary civilizations had been taken place along the river bank and even after thousands of years; people are largely dependent upon the rivers.

Therefore having the knowledge of river system of India is not only beneficial for students and teachers for study purpose but it is also beneficial for Indian farmers, Indian industries, and Indian government. By keeping this point in mind, the River map of India is developed very much informative.

Indian River system is largely divided into two divisions viz:
Himalayan River System: This is perennial river system
Peninsular River System: Identified as ephemeral river system
Hence, we can easily identify the two major river systems of India on the River map of India.
Major rivers of Himalayan River System are:

The Ganges: Ganga River is not only one of the major rivers of India but it is also the most sacred river of India. Ganga Originates from Gangotri (located in Himalaya) and it debouches into Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. The major tributaries of Ganga shown on the river map of India are Yamuna, Gandak, and Son; after entering in Bangladesh, it meets with Brahmaputra. However, its name in Bangladesh is Padma River.

The Indus River: Originating from Kailash Range nearby Lake Mansarovar (Tibet), Indus is one of the longest rivers but its length in India is less than Ganga. The river terminates in Arabian Sea. As shown in the given river map, the major tributaries of Indus River are Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Satluj, and Beas.

The Brahmaputra River System: The 2,900 km long river Brahmaputra originates in Tibet and locally it is known as Tsangpo River. It enters in India nearby Namachabarwa in Arunachal Pradesh and known as Brahmaputra; the river terminates in Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh.

The major rivers of Peninsular River System shown on the India River Map are Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, Mahanadi etc, these rivers flow eastward and debouche into Bay of Bengal. The major rivers i.e. Narmada and Tapi flow westward and make estuaries into Arabian Sea.

Likewise, from the given India River Map, any can easily find the major rivers along with their origination points, termination points and their direction and length.

Facts on Rivers of India
Rivers lost into the sand Luni, Machhu, Banas, Rupen, Saraswati and Ghagghar are examples of rivers with inland water drainage
coastal rivers Subarnarekha, Vamsadhara, Nagavali, Vaigai, Netravati and Sharavati
The number of Indian rivers by the Government twelve
The longest flowing river in India Ganga followed by Godavari, Yamuna, Krishna and Narmada
Five rivers of erstwhile Punjab Sutlej, Ravi, Beas, Jhelum and Chenab
Most of the Indian rivers flow into the Bay of Bengal Narmada, Tapti and Periyar flow into the Arabian Sea.
Allahabad is believed to be the confluence (sangam) rivers Ganga, Yamuna and  Saraswati
Trans-Himalayan rivers Indus, Brahmaputra, and Sutlej.

Cities and Rivers in India

City (India) River
Delhi Yamuna
Agra Yamuna
Patna Ganga
Haridwar Ganga
Allahabad confluence of Ganga and Yamuna
Varanasi Ganga
Guwahati Brahmaputra
Kanpur Ganga
Jabalpur Narmada
Bharuch Narmada
Lucknow Gomti
Hyderabad Musi
Nasik Godavari
Srinagar Jhelum
Vijayawada Krishna
Kolkata Hooghly
Ahmedabad Sabarmati
Surat Tapti
Thiruchirapalli Cauveri
Cuttack Mahanadi
Ayodhya Saryu
Ludhiana Sutlej

River Tributaries
Ganga 1. Gomti 2. Ghaghra 3. Gandak 4. Kosi 5. Yamuna 6. Son 7. Hoogly
Ravi 1. Budhil 2. Nai or Dhona 3. Seul 4. Ujh
Yamuna 1. Chambal 2. Sindh 3. Betwa 4. Ken 5. Tons 6. Hindon
Damodar 1. Barakar 2. Konar
Godavari 1. Indravati 2. Manjira 3. Bindusara 4. Sarbari 5. Penganga 6.Pranahita
Brahmaputra 1. Dibang 2. Lohit 3. Jia Bhoreli (Kameng) 4. Dikhow 5. Subansiri 6. Manas
Krishna 1. Tungabhadra 2. Ghataprabha 3. Malaprabha 4. Bhima 5. Vedavati 6. Koyna
Cauvery 1. Kabini 2. Hemavathi 3. Simsha 4. Arkavati 5. Bhavani
Narmada 1. Amaravati 2. Bhukhi 3. Tawa 4. Banger
Mahanadi 1. Seonath 2. Hasdeo 3. Jonk 4. Mand 5. Ib 6. Ong 7. Tel
Indus 1. Sutlej 2. Dras 3. Zanskar 4. Shyok 5.Gilgit 6. Suru
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