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India Railway Map

India Railway map
Description : India Map showing Railway network of India. Disclaimer

The given India Rail Map illustrates detailed information of Indian Railway system. Railway map of India is quite beneficial for many purposes especially for tourism purpose. The network of rails is given with major railway stations and major cities that help to find the respective length and location.

The railway first time introduced in India during the period of 1850s by English viceroy Lord Dalhousie for merely a few kilometres and today, surprisingly, with more than 114,500 km total track length along with about 7,500 railway stations, India has fourth largest railway network in the world. The only three countries those have higher network are United States, Russia, and China respectively.


Indian Railway System

is administered directly by the Government of India through its separate department Ministry of Railways. Because of having such a huge geographical territory, the Indian Railway system is divided into sixteen divisions; zones along with their headquarters are listed below: Railway travel has the most extensive railway network for long distances and intra-city com-muting. It is also an excellent means to get to know the people of India. Long-distance railway travel is the best illustrator of the geographical and demographic diversity of India. The speed of the Indian trains however is slow by standards. Except for a few 'super fast' trains which are the most often on time, the other trains often reach their destination a few hours late. This however does not undermine their immense usefulness as a cheap and- with reservation- comfortable train journey. For those wishing to savour the essence of India, it is advisable to forget able travel and go for the trains. But it would save a lot of energy to make your reservation well in advanced through a reliable travel agency.