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Physical Map of India

Physical Map of India  

India Physical Map

showing Physical features of India

India is the 7th largest country of the world in terms of its geographical area; it has wide range of diversity including mountains, desert, rivers, plateau etc. The given India Physical Map gives the detailed information about the

physical features of India

. Physical map of India clearly shows that the physiographic features of India are quite diverse. At one side, where world’s highest mountain Himalaya lies on the other side, the Indo- Gangetic plain or Northern plain and eastern coastal plain label the India physiographic features.


The given

physical map of India

illustrates all the major and significant physical features of India such as:

The Himalaya: It runs from Jammu & Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh
Northern Plain/Gangetic Plain: It covers the north states of India including Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar etc.
Aravalli Range: It is a relict mountain range of India that runs from Gujarat to Delhi.
Thar Desert: Thar Desert is one of the largest deserts of the world which covers entire western Rajasthan state of India.
Vindhya Range: It lies in the middle of India, largely in Madhya Pradesh state.
Satpura Range: It covers the middle India and runs from west to east
Western Ghats: It is also known as Sahyadri Range runs in the direction of north to south (along the coast of) from Gujarat to Kerala.
Eastern Ghats: It runs in the direction of north to south along the coast of – from Orissa to Tamil Nadu.
Nilgiri Hills: Lies in the south India: it covers the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and also covers southern part of Karnataka.
Deccan Plateau: Deccan Plateau is a huge plateau that covers southern India.

Physical map of India

also illustrates the major Rivers of India such as Indus, Ganga, Brahmaputra, Narmada, Tapi, Godavari, Kaveri, Krishna etc.

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