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Privacy Policy

We at provide detailed information along with various thematic maps of India at large. We provide detailed information on the maps made on different themes and also respective detailed contents, which are generally useful for the tourism purpose, education purpose, and for any other purpose depending on visitors choice, for which we do not charge. Further, we do not ask for any log in information from any visitor to identify them for any purpose.

However, our server collects specific information of each visitor automatically and keeps the records of all those pages that have been surfed/viewed by visitors. Honestly, we use this information ONLY to understand the visitors’ choice and accordingly improve the quality of our web pages and also to develop new pages. Normally, following information is automatically collected:

  • The URLs of all those pages, which are viewed by visitors.
  • The date and time at which visitors viewed.
  • Type of windows operating systems.
  • Types of Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Net scape, Firefox etc.
  • The IP address.
  • Geographical location of the visitors.

All these information automatically saved by our server, we do not use them anyway; however, in certain condition related to law enforcement or on the demand of government agency for the purpose of official investigation, we are bound to share them, which is rare case.

Moreover, our  is global website and developed with the purpose to provide qualitative information through maps to all our visitors across the globe, in such a condition, we do not do any sort of work that damage my website. Therefore, any sort of information, stored by any mean with us is highly secure.