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Beaches in Kerala

Beaches in Kerala  
* Kerala Map showing the location of beaches in Kerala


When you are in the God’s own Country

Kerala, the southern state of India, is known all over the world for its beautiful, awe inspiring back waters. The state of Kerala is full of beautiful beaches because of its proximity to the south western coastal boundary of India known as the Malabar Coast. The tropical beaches in Kerala are among the best in India with its palm trees facing the cool waters from the Arabian Sea. Excursionists from all over the world who have frequented the beaches of kerala have quoted their experience as “Heavenly”.

The state offers its tourists quite a number of beaches to tour around and among the finest one’s are the Alappuzha beach, beaches of Cherai, Kappad beach, Varkalla beach.

Alappuzha beach is for the ones those like to find themselves in the serenity of nature and are looking for quiet self rejuvenating time. It’s one of the most popular beaches in Kerala amongst the tourists. The beach is covered with lagoon landscape and several fresh water rivers adding to the serenity of the ambience.
The beaches of Cherai offer it s commuters the joy of sailing in its not so rough waters along with the Dolphins. No wonder this beach is commonly called as “The Queen of the Arabian Sea”.

A beach with a history is the Kappad beach for it being the place where the famous Vasco de Gama landed on 27th of may 1498 with a team comprising of 170 men in three ships. The interesting feature of this beach is its rock laden landscape. One of the rocks which protrude into the sea is believed to be 800 years old and is recognized as a temple site by the locals.

The Varkala beach on the other hand is famous for its sunny atmosphere which is quite breathtaking. The beach offers its tourists with a number of beach activities such as boat rides, parasailing, etc but the most enjoyable amongst all remains the trend of message on the beach. The sunset at this beach is quite majestic and allures great number tourists throughout the years.

Kesargod Beach in Kerala

1)KASARGOD – locally called as the land of many languages and several cultures. It represents a societal example where multi cultured population coexist with each other. This district attracts tourists from entire world for its various popular sites such as the Bekal fort and beach, the most famous ones. It’s a one stop destination for all those who are looking for some serious spiritual time since the place is also called as the Land of Gods.
Wayanad Beach in Kerala

2) WAYANAD – not short of anything less than a paradise since this beautiful corridor in the state of Kerala is located within the expanse world heritage site, the Western Ghats. It represents one of the greenest parts of Kerala. The best part about this location is the fact that how untouched it still remains compared to other not so quiet destinations. It is located 76 km from Kozhikode. This destination is bliss for the forest lovers for its green pastures.

Thrissur Beach in Kerala

3) THRISSUR – also a cultural place that offers one of its kind escape for an excursionist into the realm of spiritual world. Apart from this Thrissur, is also quite popular for its state of the art vibrant cultural art experience. This city was built in the 1790 AD and also happened to be the capital for the kingdom of Cochin. The magnificent temples, palaces, monuments and a list of cultural festivals make this one of the top ten places in Kerala.

Munnar Beach in Kerala

4) MUNNAR – an awe inspiring place, nothing less than heaven, as described by the tourists who have frequented this beautiful place in the state of Kerala. Located at 6000 ft in the Idukki district, Munnar, also served as the one of the prime cool resting destinations for the English Men when it was summertime in the capital, Delhi. The geography is full of rich floral and faunal species making it a hot spot for sanctuary lovers. It is frequented by the tourists throughout the year.

ernakulam Beach in Kerala

5) ERNAKULAM – this one is known for its metropolitan status. A perfect balance between the rural and the urban makes it place for all and hence represents cultural traits from both worlds. This little historical site served as the trade shore for most invaders such as the Dutch, Brits, Portuguese, etc. It is known for its welcoming nature of its inhabitants and that makes it place paying a visit.

Thekkady Beach in Kerala

6) THEKKADY – known for its faunal variety and specially the elephants found here, this place is like the ultimate destination for wildlife lovers. Home to the famous Periyar forest, it attracts tourist for its picturesque hill plantations and is a perfect destination for trekkers as well.

Vagamon Beach in Kerala

7) VAGAMON – they call it “the Scotland of Asia” for its landscape similarity. A favourite with the newly wedded couples for it being a remote hill station, offers its honeymooners a quality time to spend with each other. The geography includes beautiful waterfalls, pine forests, orchid plantations, etc adding to the romantic flavour of the place. The place is also known for its adventure sports activities like paragliding, mountaineering and rock climbing.

Alapuzha Beach in Kerala

8) ALAPPUZHA – ever heard of the boat races in the southern states of India, this place is almost synonymous with that, for its peoples love and enthusiasm for boat competitions. This place consists of a vast network of backwaters, making it a hot spot for tourists. It is commonly called as the Rice Bowl of India, for its lush paddy fields. Historically a fishing centre, but today is a world famous back water site.

Thenmala Beach in Kerala

9) THENMALA – it is the first planned ecotourism spot in the state of Kerala. For it being a forest dominated place attracts tourists from all places. It is located at the foothills of the Western Ghats and is the southernmost place in Kerala.

Thiruvananthapuram Beach in kerala

10) THIRUVANANTHAPURAM – the capital of Kerala is bound by the Arabian Sea on its western side. This beautiful place is named after lord Vishnu. There are several landmarks in this state such as the Padmanabha temple, historic monuments, beaches, backwaters, etc. This city has so much to offer that it can have separate top destinations of its own.