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Location of Supreme Court

* Salimgarh Fort had been built by Shah Suri son of Sher Shah Suri in the year 1546 on the bank of Yamuna River. Its walls were constructed when he Sah Suri died.

The Supreme Court of India is the apex court of the Indian Territory as established by Part V, Chapter IV of the Indian Constitution. As per the Indian Constitution, the role of the Supreme Court is that of a federal court; so it is the guardian of all the lower courts as well as it is the highest court of appeal.

On 28th Jan. 1950, just two days after the de facto and de jure galvanization of democracy (i.e. sovereign democratic republic) on Indian Territory, the Supreme Court came into force. The inaugural ceremony had been taken place in the Chamber of Princes in the Parliament building.

However, after its inauguration on 28 January 1950, the sittings of Supreme Court continued in the Chamber of Princes in the Parliament House itself. But in the year 1958, the Court shifted into its own building.
Supreme Court of india

The Supreme Court building
The main building of Supreme Court has been constructed in the year 1958 beside Tilak Marg where it covers an area of 22 Acres. It was designed by the renowned architecture Ganesh Bhikaji Deolalikar who was the first Indian to head CPWD. He architected the building in and Indo-British architectural design. Subsequently, the Supreme Court shifted into this building. In the year 1979, two new Wings – East Wing and the West Wing have been constructed. Among all these buildings, the court of Chief Justice is the largest one that is located at the centre of the Central Wing.

City:                                       New Delhi

Designer:                               Renowned architect Ganesh Bhikaji Deolalikar

Year of Establishment:         1950, but the building constructed in 1958

Known for:                           Apex court of India & Guardian of all courts in India

Location:                              Tilak Marg

Preferred Timings:               Remain open in all official working day

Entry Fee:                            No entry fee (Free); but the Prior Permission is required

   Nearest Railway Station:     Nizamuddin Railway Station

Nearest Metro Station:        Pragati Maidan

Moreover, besides the judicial proceedings, the construction of building and the flower-garden of the premises are so beautiful that fascinate the tourists of across the country. People who come New Delhi city for tourism purpose, they must visit this place. So, if you are planning to make a tour of New Delhi city, do not forget to visit the Supreme Court of India.