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Buddha Jayanti Park

Buddha Jayanti Park  

The Buddha Jayanti Park

is located at the Southern Ridge surrounding with the thick forest. it represents the Indian spiritual tradition - Lord Buddha.

In spite of having several gardens and park in Delhi, Buddha Jayanti Park or simply Buddha garden is one of the most popular parks because it represents Lord Buddha. At eve of 2500th anniversary of attainment of Nirvana by Lord Buddha, this park is adorned beautifully. However, the park is lush with greenery and many scenery lawns, streams, sloping terrain, and many sitting places where tourists can enjoy their time fullest. Moreover, it is quite new and adorned with all recreational facilities for the visitors.

The Buddha Jayanti Park is located at the Southern Ridge surrounding with the thick forest. Among all these beautiful landscapes, the most significant feature of this park is – it represents the Indian spiritual tradition. The novel Bodhi Tree has transported from Sri Lanka and planted in this park. As per the history, it is the same Bodhi Tree under which Buddha got enlightens at Bodh Gaya, Bihar. Later on, the sapling tree had been carried away to Sri Lanka by Ashoka and his son Kunal.

Buddha Jayanti Park

In the park premises, there is also arrangement of Buddhism classes regularly; anyone can attend these classes, but majority of people who attend these classes are foreigners. So, this is not simple park area, but also spiritual place. Therefore, visiting this place is quite interesting along with getting spiritual knowledge.

Buddha Jayanti Park

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