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Customized Mapping Solutions - A trusted name in customized mapping solution. With more than ten years of experience, we at indmaps provide one stop mapping solutions.
We have a wide range of mapping categories and sample maps that help customers to choose the one that suits best to their requirements. However, we wholly customize service as well as clients ask; it means, as the customer demands, we make literally same.
Following are some of the most significant categories that may give you an idea of your requirement and our specializations:
  • State level Maps

    State level Maps

    If you are required state-level maps, we can provide the most detailedand attractive maps of every state of India. We have details of road, rail, administrative data, etc. of all states; all you need to do is just call us
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  • District level Maps

    District level Maps

    We have the updated data of all districts of India with their boundaries and names
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  • Village-level Maps

    Village-level Maps

    We have the updated data to develop detailed village-level maps with all boundaries and names. We have the village-level data district-wise; therefore, if you are required village-level data of any district/state of India call us now.
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  • City Ward Boundary Maps

    City Ward Boundary Maps

    Largely big and medium size companies ask for the city boundary maps, as they require to define and set a target of their business. We have detailed data of every city and town of India along with the updated population and other municipal boundaries
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  • Thematic Maps

    Thematic Maps

    This is our top most service that most of our clients ask for. We develop quality thematic maps as per the requirements of our clients. Thematic mapping is a highly appreciable customized service, as we provide the best customized mapping solutions. Format, color, design, size, and resolution everything is decided by our clients, we just make them real on the screen (as digital map) as well as on the paper (as hard copy map).
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  • Pin code Boundary Maps

    Pin code Boundary Maps

    Pin code boundary map is the one of the most demanded maps that most of our customers ask for. We have the detailed data that define the exact area of every pin code.
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  • Election Maps

    Election Maps

    We have the updated data of all constituencies of India. We have state-wise MLA (Assembly Constituencies) as well as MP’s (Parliamentary Constituencies) constituencies’ data. Election maps are very useful for the study purpose as well as for the exit poll. Media agencies more often ask for the election maps.
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  • Maps for Atlases and Text Books

    Maps for Atlases and Text Books

    We have some permanent clients (most of them are publishers) who ask thematic (such as climate, vegetation, relief, national parks, soil, etc. maps) as well as historical maps for their books and atlases. These books are largely published for the schools and colleges.
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  • 3D Maps

    3D Maps

    This is one of the most interactive mapping services that we have. As per the clients’ demand, we provide our mapping solution in 3D as well.
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  • GIS Maps

    GIS Maps

    We have detailed GIS data of India as well as world that we provide our clients in the same format as our clients ask for such as .TAB/.SHP/KML etc.
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    Interactive Map

    This is one of the new technologies on the map, where you can see your data moving on the map, as per the requirement. We develop thematic maps in flash that is not only informative, but also interactive as you can see different data on different time interval on the same map. For example, you can check out our sample flash map.
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